Go in Peace, Pray for Peace, Wage a Little Peace, and Love One Another

We began another year as the bitter cold sweeps across the nation dropping temperatures to record low levels from Minnesota to Georgia. Meanwhile back inside the beltway it’s business as usual and the transient are still operating as per usual. So the prospects are that in 2014 about the only thing that will get done is we will re-elect most of those we don’t need or want in office because we all like those we like and dislike those we don’t. We are stuck on idle and it’s politics as usual.

We have very few statesmen or stateswomen these days. Bernie Sanders comes to mind. He is a statesman of the first rank. Elizabeth Warren comes to mind she is a stateswoman of the first rank. They understand the system and they don’t try to game it but they are a gang of two and in Washington D.C. a gang of two counts for very little. They are voices crying in the wilderness that is known in textbooks as the seat of our government.

The meanwhile we are locked into Duck Dynasty and other shows that pretend to be real but only there for the purpose of distracting the populace and it works well because the populace is distracted to the point of being clueless as to what is happening to our republic and yes it is a democratic republic at least it is that albeit just barely these days.

And we listen to angry old white men rich beyond belief tell us they know more about what we need than we know about what we need. And if we don’t listen to them they toss a few million into the pot and we start to listen because no matter how much we pretend not to money talks and it talks to us all in one way or another. And in the end money wins because money talks and I’m sorry to say (with apologies to Neil Diamond) walks.

And don’t get me started about talking. Smart phones are totally dumbing down America. We are addicted to these babies in a way that we could never have gotten addicted to pot or cocaine or crack or even Dr. Pepper. We can’t move unless we have our smart phone to mess with and text with and bump into the car next to us because we are more interested in what’s on our smart phones than we are of getting where we are going.

We are addicted to technology in all its forms. Half of our kids don’t know what a book is because they never see one. And if they do they can’t read it but by golly that smart phone we got them when they were 3 years old they can text with and we tell ourselves we bought it for them so we can know where they are at and what they are doing all of the time, but it doesn’t do that because they learn at an early age how to game you and the system so it only tells us what they want us to know.

I love technology in all its forms but there has to be a limit and when technology becomes a distraction we all lose. We can’t change the world by watching those idiots on Duck Dynasty. They don’t want to change the world they want us to watch them so they can make more money for themselves they don’t care about changing the world in fact they want to go back to the old world when them Black folks were so happy under them nice Jim Crow laws and everyone got along. Duck Dynasty is lost in the 50’s and they are lost there because as long as they can keep us distracted they make a ton of money and nothing gets changed.

We got to break out of the mold that all these rich cranky old white guys have set for us and quit letting them dictate to us how we are supposed to live. We have a nation whose majority are nice kind tolerant and caring but we give into to the wild base of our citizenry who are scared to death of anyone of color. We give into to a small bunch of crazies who think our President was born in Kenya and who is a practicing Muslim (and what the hell is wrong with being a Muslim anyway?). We give into to every fear monger who can raise the price of an ad.

We have got to quit fearing and start caring. We have got to quit hating and start loving. Yeah even those Duck Dynasty guys. They are ignorant they need love not hate despite the fact that loving them is and will be a difficult task for us to accomplish. And despite the fact that they have a bully pulpit to spread their hate and invective. Dr. King understood that hate cannot create love. He understood that hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.

In two weeks we will again be celebrating his birth and his life. We need to get positive about doing something to make a difference in the life of another person. Even if it is just one person. When you make a difference in the life of another person you start at that point to change the world. It may only be a small grain of sand but it has consequences and it does matter. Dr. King made a difference in the lives of so many people all around the world. He changed the way we think and he changed the world. We can do that too.

But it will require concentration and it will require spending some time away from our smart phones. EEEK! I know that will hurt. But un-addicting is never easy. And we can start small maybe an hour or two a week laying the phone down (OMG, but it’ll be okay you’ll see, the world will not end) and looking around at our world and saying I can do this and I will survive and I will get back to my smart phone shortly, but before I do I am going to make a difference in the life of just one single other.

Every action has a response and it will make a difference in the world. Just try it you might like it. As we say at my church at the end of every service: go in peace, pray for peace, wage a little peace, and love one another–every single other. You too can change the world be it one person at a time. Nothing is ever easy if it were we wouldn’t all be addicted to our smart phones!

Bob Bearden


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