Mere Statues

Why did they not realize that when they proposed placing the 10 Commandments on State Capitol grounds they would find that since we are a nation who is supposed have Freedom of Religion that some other group likely totally opposite of their beliefs would ask for the same privilege? Duh?

But then if they had a modicum of smarts they wouldn’t have done it anyway. I have no problem with allowing a Satanic Statue as ugly as it may be to placed on the State Capitol grounds. My religion and my beliefs are strong enough that any such edifice will not threaten them.

If your beliefs are so shaky as to object to such a statue then it is likely you may need to go back to the basics of your religion. If you truly believe in the existence of God or the Great Spirit or Allah, an ugly statue should not be able to change how you believe or what you believe in.

If you feel threatened by a mere statue then I would wonder at just how great is your belief? I believe that the Great Spirit would be laughing at the statute and saying what a dull looking piece of work, it does not offend me in the least, but it should offend the artist who created it. At least it should offend their sensibilities and their good taste.

If mere statues can threaten your belief in a higher power or your God then I would say that you don’t have very strong beliefs in the first place!

Bob Bearden


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