Senator Marco Rubio Finally Gave a Press Conference

Senator Marco Rubio finally gave a press conference and didn’t even need to reach for a bottle of plastic water when he did it. Instead he gave the American Public his middle finger. Sure he knows that raising the minimum wage polls well, but that ain’t the point low wage workers don’t need no stinkin’ minimum wage according to Rubio and his pals on the right. They need to aspire to a higher level. Yeah I agree they need a living wage, but Senator Rubio don’t even want them to have that.

The President and the Democrats wants to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 and hour that’s nearly $3 higher than it is in most states. $10.10 hour would mean at least most families could now earn a living that would at least edge them towards a standard of living on which they could begin to see daylight for their efforts. And 13 States have already taken steps to raise the minimum wage in their states. But when you adjust for inflation the minimum wage should be closer to $23 an hour to truly be a wage that would start to lift low wager workers out of poverty.

Fifty years after LBJ declared War On Poverty more people are below the poverty line than ever before. Raising the minimum wage would help lift people out of poverty and it would create jobs. Every time the minimum wage has been raised it has created jobs. One of the roles of government is and should always be to create economic growth and raising the minimum wage would do that.

The economy has been growing ever since 2009 when President Obama first took office but it has been a slow growth and part of the reason is that the Republicans so-called ‘Job Creators’ the rich haven’t done anything to create more jobs and the infusion of stimulus money didn’t go far enough. The House has refused to act on the stimulus package Obama presented to them to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure. Which would have created several million good paying jobs and injected the economy with a shot that would have reverberated into the private sector and would have created a rippling effect of job growth.

Rubio is a stalking horse. He is also trying regain his street creds from where they were tossed into the dust when he helped write the Immigration Bill Compromise and was branded as a traitor by the right-wingers who don’t want any Immigration Bill that makes sense. They are bent on punishment not amnesty for those who are in this country illegally and they don’t want them to have any kind of path to citizenship that the bill Rubio helped craft would have given them.

The Republicans are gutless and heartless when it comes to helping those on the lower end of the economic scale in this nation. They don’t think they should have affordable health care. They don’t believe that the government should help those who are out of work and they don’t believe in raising the poor and disadvantaged out of poverty. They don’t have any real concern that millions of our nation’s children are among those at the lower end of the economic scale and that more than 1 in 4 children in this nation face the prospect of going hungry everyday of their lives.

We are breeding a group of ‘French Royals’ ala the 18th Century. It was those kinds of ideas and ‘Let them eat cake’ mentality that gave rise to the French Revolution. The Tea Party is closely aligned with that 18th Century thinking. In our nation we haven’t seen the like of that type of mentality since the old ‘Know Nothing’ party imploded upon itself in the middle of the 19th Century.

Stimulating the economy and raising the minimum wage are ideas that are needed to put our nation back to work. Making sure our nation’s most vulnerable citizens millions of whom are children are safe and fed should be one of the highest priorities of our government.

Passing an Immigration Bill that makes sense is also something that is needed. Giving long-term unemployed workers an extension of their benefits makes sense and it will preserve several hundred thousand jobs which we shouldn’t have to lose to an intransigent bunch of ‘Do Nothing’ ‘Know Nothings”! We need to give people like Senator Rubio a bottle of water and tell him to take it back Florida. We don’t need no stinkin’ politicians who could care less about the poorest among us. We need politicians who care!

Bob Bearden


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