chris+christie+gwb+scandalBridgegate second chapter same verse. Christie has apologized to all. He took his contriteness on the road to Fort Lee and apologized to the Mayor of that city. He fired a couple of his aides. He is sad. He is hurt. He is humiliated. Woe is he. But, it all seems to be more politics than humility. Humble pie can be a bitter brew for a consummate politician and Christie is that.

His contriteness is reminding me of old Tricky Dick. I am not a crook. Christie wants us all to believe he is not a bully. Maybe not but he sure didn’t mind having a few bullies within his inner circle. Bullies he now claims he didn’t know where. People whom he was supposed to trust and should have vetted.

His ‘I’m no bully’ rings hollow. His suddenly becoming aware of the bridge thing four months after the story broke as being something important also rings hollow. But he is a politician and he is in a save my a** mode. Dump those suckers they were useful as long as I needed them to kick a** and take names, but my career and my aspirations are on the line so let’s push them off the bridge (pun intended) and see if they can sink or swim on their own.

He’s not taking responsibility for his own actions much less for those of his aides. He created a ‘bully pulpit’ and empowered his aides to do the same. Whether or not he knew of where they were doing is immaterial. He created them and turned them loose and they simply followed his lead. And now that he is out on a limb he going to crawl back and saw it off after him and let them all fall down. After all its his career that’s important.

I expected more from Chris Christie than ‘I’m not to blame’, ‘I didn’t know’, ‘It’s not my fault’! But politicians never accept blame for what they do their egos won’t let them. Tricky Dick spent the remainder of his life denying he did anything wrong when he would have been better served to have fessed up and cleared the air and worked to rehab himself by doing good things. Instead he whined all the way to his grave.

Chris Christie will probably survive this Bridge Scandal and be rehabbed back into the big time of American politics he got those directly under him to fall upon their swords and if the stay down there on them he will make it through this and by 2016 the world will have moved on and we’ll be worrying more about what Kim Kardasherwhatever is doing or having and we will be overdosing on the Duck Dynasty’s next hunt and Chris Christie will trudge on forgiven of his sins his aides having ate them away.

All politics is petty. All politicians are too. Chris Christie will soon be out there bullying those he don’t like and dissing reporters all will be forgiven. And I’m sad, not in the way Chris Christie is sad but sad that I could have even thought the guy was not a bad egg for even a Republican, for thinking that he might just be a real statesman and that he might stand up and do the right thing. He had my hopes up! But they were dashed again on the rocks of politics as usual!

Bob Bearden


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