Food Stamp Program and the Party of No

The food stamp program has been one of the great success stories and yet it is perhaps the most maligned and misunderstood government program ever. Of course Ronald ‘Mount Flushmore’ Reagan didn’t help it any when he made up the story about the welfare queen in her Cadillac coming to get her food stamps.

It still amazes me that people post supposed abuses of the program that they observed while standing in line at the grocery store most of them made up. Millions of our fellow citizens would starve if it were not for food stamps. The republicans who closed down the government to get food stamps cut are heartless dummies when it comes to knowing about a program that is relatively fraud free and which millions of poor low-income and seniors depend upon to stay alive.

Anyone dissing this program should be required to have to subsist on food stamps for a month. There are always people who will take advantage of any program of assistance but the SNAP (food stamp) program works and it saves lives and it feeds hungry children.

It’s the children that the party of no has no compassion for when they cut programs like SNAP. They used to be a party that cared about our nation’s children but today they don’t give one tinker’s damn whether or not children go hungry and in the richest nation in the world 1 in 4 children face the prospect of hunger every day of their young lives.

The party of no not only doesn’t care whether children go hungry they don’t want children of minorities and low-income families to receive a quality education. In the states they gain control of through legislatures and governorships the cut teachers salaries, gut school programs aimed at the poor and needy and cut back on programs designed to make sure children have enough to eat. And they destroy entire school systems with their dumb testing programs.

Schools are supposed to be places of learning not places where continuous tests are given that offer no learning whatsoever. As my friend and colleague Steve likes to say, “If a kid is hungry, they can’t think. If they can’t think, they won’t learn. If a child doesn’t learn then our nation is at peril.” If we starve our children of both food and learning our nation is truly in peril. We cannot depend upon the likes of those running the party of no to entrust our nation to. At best they will tear down the school-house, burn all the books they don’t like and starve our children physically and mentally!

Food Stamps save lives. And children are supposed to go to school to learn how to be good citizens not how to take a test. Tests are only good for determining if they have learned anything. But if teachers aren’t allowed to teach then a test won’t prepare our children to take the reins of our country when the time comes!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Food Stamp Program and the Party of No

  1. I disagree- I think we need to virtually elimnate food stamps and other forms of government assistance.

    Of course- before we can do this we need to create a country where everyone working can actually afford to meet their basic needs. Where education- through college is available to all (and finally adress the reality that in many fields where we have seen massive outsourcing and/or shortages of trained workers we often need people with an understanding of the fields- but not the level at which universties normally teach to). Where mental health is not a taboo subject and is finally addressed. When corporations and financial instiutions are penalized rather then rewarded for taking advantage of the vulnerable. When we reevaluate just what people contribute to society- and how much their renumeration is really worth. when…

    ah well, a man can dream can’t he?

    and fwiw- Reagans welfare queen WAS real- but an anomaly not a sympton of something more widespread. Slate ran an excellent article on her recently here:

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