Oklahoma’s Law Banning Same-Sex Marriages

In what for me seems a slight bit of whimsical irony a Federal Judge struck down Oklahoma’s Law Banning Same-Sex Marriages, although he issued a stay preventing same-sex couples from proceeding to get married right away pending the outcome of the Supreme Court stay of the Utah law that was struck down late last year.

The irony in it for me was that the judge who made the ruling striking down Oklahoma’s Law as unconstitutional, last name was Kern. Same last name as our own erstwhile right-winger who helped author the law in Oklahoma, State Representative Sally Kern.  It was her husband Steve who recently organized a picketing of the play ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told’ that was performed in the City Space at the Civic Center last month and of which I attended and which I can say and did say, that it was a very fun play. It was send up of both the creation story and the Christmas Story as well as a send up of the many years in between the two story’s involving two gay males and two lesbian females along with a couple of other characters including a hilariously funny lady who played the part of a Jewish Rabbi from Brooklyn who in the end marries the couples to each other as the play ended in modern-day Manhattan.

However this plays out I don’t see the supreme court overturning the judge’s ruling in either the Utah case nor the Oklahoma case. What will happen after they make a final ruling is anybody’s guess. Knowing the crazies we have in our state legislature and knowing how rabidly anti-gay and lesbian they tend to be anything is possible including some attempt to pass another stupid law to prevent same-sex couples from being able to marry in Oklahoma.

My take on this is they will likely come up with something along the lines of a possible seceding from the from the United States, that being the only way I could see possible for them to try to circumvent whatever the Supreme Court hands down in its ruling. Far-fetched you say well maybe, but there are a lot of Tea Baggers out at the state capitol who would love for the south to get out of the US of A even though they have no clue as to how to effect that or what would happen even if they were to be successful.

You can be sure Mary Fallin and her cohorts will bellow and scream and try mightily to pull something from their hat of magically stupid tricks. They are not known on planet earth as particularly having any high degree of intellect nor any close proximity to a lot of common sense.

I think they had to know that when the supreme court ruled against prop 8 and DOMA they would likely not be able to sustain passing a law banning same-sex marriages, but they don’t care about truth, apple pie nor the American Way. For them it is their way or the highway.

Maybe we can get them on the same plane with Rush Limbaugh when he fulfills his destiny which he said he would do if President Obama got re-elected again for a second term and move to Costa Rica. But don’t hold your breath until he or they take that plunge. They might wax poetical about drinking the kool-aid but you can certainly count on it being a cold day in Hades before it happens.

I am just trying to picture the chagrin on their faces when they heard the ruling! Or picturing what they looked like before they wiped off the egg splattered all over their faces!

Bob Bearden


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