The man who shot and killed a fellow theater goer after arguing with him over the fact that he was texting during a movie has been charged with second degree murder. It is absolutely insane in my opinion for movie theaters to allow people to bring a weapon into the movie. There should be signs at the front of every theater SAYING IN LARGE BOLD TYPE NO WEAPONS ALLOWED! Why any normal sane human being would want to bring a gun into what often is a crowded theater is patently insane.

Despite what the NRA crowd likes to say, guns kill people because people who own them don’t always have the mental capacity to know how dangerous they can be. In my opinion, there is absolutely no case that can be made for saying it is okay for that man to have shot and killed the man he was arguing with. It is completely without any creditable reason to have allowed an argument to have gone that far over something as dumb and trivial as texting while watching a movie. And it would not have gone that far if the man with the gun had not decided to bring it with him to a movie. A movie to which his wife accompanied him and to which there were likely to have been a number of children in the audience.

My fear is that incidents like these are going to grow more and more as laws are passed to let pretty much anyone who has the price of a gun to carry one around with them wherever they want to. People often get into shouting arguments in public over perceived slights and trivial things because they are upset with something or someone and they often carry those arguments to the point of fist fights, which are bad enough and can even sometimes lead to someone being hurt and even losing their lives. They are stupid in the first place but stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to people being offended by something someone else does in their presence. But carrying an argument to its ultimate conclusion by resorting to violence is not only stupid it is dangerously stupid.

I worry that most people who have decided to pack weapons in public because they can aren’t for the most part people who should be packing under any circumstances. I have hunted and owned guns most of my life and my parents taught me a healthy respect for guns and how dangerous they could be when you didn’t follow the rules of gun usage. I had a cousin who was accidentally shot by his brother while they were out hunting and it happened because they weren’t following the rules of gun safety. Fortunately he lived to shoot another day, but he became a fanatic about being and following the rules of gun safety.

Sadly too many people who buy a weapon for their own protection wind up be shot and either wounded or killed by their own weapon or shooting someone they love by accident often to their everlasting horror.

It is my opinion that too people who get a permit to pack a weapon in public are people who have low self-esteem and who want to feel macho about themselves. They want people to see them as Wyatt Earp or Butch Cassidy. If you need that kind of emotional re-enforcement you shouldn’t be going anywhere near a weapon. And if you choose to shoot someone over something as stupid as texting in a theater you have absolutely no business near a weapon, because to my way of thinking you have a mental problem and need at the very least to attend an anger management seminar or at the worst should be locked up somewhere where you won’t be a danger to yourself or anyone else.

Killing someone over something so trivial as texting anywhere is wrong and it points up just why we shouldn’t have laws allowing anyone to pack a weapon. In the old west when a town became civilized the first law they passed was one banning the carrying of weapons inside the city limits except for law enforcement officers. The reason they did that is they knew guns kill people and that people would use them to kill people and often over small trivial matters such as snoring in bed as the outlaw John Wesley Hardin once did because the guy next door to him in the hotel was snoring so loud Hardin couldn’t sleep.

I know that the guy who killed the man in the theater was a retired police officer, but that’s just it he was retired and he of all people should have known better than to carry a loaded weapon into a crowded movie theater. We are a nation of laws but we are fast becoming a nation of idiots who think the way to keep each other from killing each other is to kill each other when we don’t like what the other person is doing.

There has to be a better way for our nation that arming all of its citizens and then allowing them to take their petty differences out on someone else who is unarmed. Packing loaded pistols is not the way to save our nation or its children. Killing people because you have a disagreement with them is not the way to make our nation safe any more than allowing anyone with enough money to buy their weapon of choice.

No one is coming to take away anyone’s gun but at some point if we don’t stop the madness and come up with a sane law that protects our children that may end up being the only option left! And that is a patently scary thought!

Bob Bearden


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