So, if you work for minimum wage that means you must be lazy and don’t care

It literally ticks me off when I hear people who should know better saying things like if you work for minimum wage that means you must be lazy and don’t care. They need to try working somewhere at minimum wage and feed their families for a few days. A vast majority, in fact most of the people working at minimum wage jobs work ten times harder than the pay they earn for their work. And they aren’t lazy shiftless no accounts either. It would probably surprise some of the people who go around dissing them all the time to know that a majority of minimum wage workers possess skills, knowledge and education far beyond the paltry wages they are paid.

But when you have to feed your family you will take the work you can get. Just because someone works for minimum wages has nothing to do with being lazy or shiftless it almost always means they are working because they need the work and that they have exhausted all other avenues in the marketplace. Working for minimum wage isn’t easy and people don’t choose to work at and for minimum wage because they don’t want to work. If they don’t want to work they won’t work for minimum wages because the work is far to hard for the lazy and shiftless to fathom.

It is sheer stupidity to believe that people want to work for minimum wage because they don’t want to work. Most minimum wages jobs are ten time harder that higher level paying jobs. Use you heads people, if you want it easy or if you don’t want to work at all you ain’t going to go to work at the hardest job in town. The assumption that people who work at minimum wage jobs aren’t trying or that they are lazy is as dumb an idea as can be thought up.

You have to wonder at the mentality of someone who purports to be so smart that they believe that people actually seek out minimum wage jobs because they don’t want to work. That kind of mentality makes you also wonder how these people ever got to the point in life that they are at and have become so brilliant that they can afford to look down their noses at those who have to toil at the low-end of the economic scale. I have to imagine that they have never had to actually work at a job on the lower end of the economic scale.

I can tell you from experience those jobs aren’t easy and if you work at one of those low paying jobs you will work and you will work your (pardon my French) ass off! I chopped cotton for $.55 cents an hour when the minimum wage was $.75 an hour. I picked cotton for even less.

People who look down their noses at low wage workers should have to work for a month at a low wage job and see how wonderful it is to work at a job like that. They would be whining about being abused and heading back to their jobs within a day or two. Forest Gump my friend you continue to prove you were right when you said, “Stupid is as stupid does!”

Bob Bearden


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