Fracking and Earthquakes Come to Texas

Fracking and earthquakes come to Texas. Join the club Texas. My Texas, Azle, to be exact, has now begun to have something they have not ever had before in their recorded history or so it seems– earthquakes. Yes, dear hearts, earthquakes. More than 30 in the past couple of months related to oil fracking in the area? Texas Railroad Commission officials are saying mum’s the word on this.

They came to Azle at the request of the Mayor of that fair Texas city a near suburb of Fort Worth to what the Mayor and 800 of Azle’s residents thought would be a Town Hall question and answer session and might help them get the fracking shut down to help determine if fracking was causing the earthquakes which seemed a possibility because since the fracking began last year 30 earthquakes with the epicenter near Azle have occurred; while prior to the fracking no earthquakes had ever been recorded as far as anyone has been able to determine since the settlement of Azle.

But what did they get? Well, the Railroad Commission officials were just there to listen and did they get an ear full, but since they offered no advice and refused to take questions they left and headed back to Austin whilst the Azle residents left the meeting even more frustrated and upset than prior to it.

So they got up a bus of concerned residents to go to Austin in protest. But true to their tradition Texas officials did nothing except to say they were looking into the matter but doubted there was any cause or effect from the fracking as related to the sudden appearance of the now almost daily earthquake activity in the area surrounding Azle where the fracking is taking place.

Just another incident in the now mounting saga of fracking comes to the heartland. One reason there is no evidence of cause and effect is that no studies were done of any way shape or form prior to the start-up of fracking across the nation except by the oil companies and their shills in congress saying there is no antidotal evidence to suggest that oil fracking can in any way be linked to earthquakes in areas where fracking is taking place. Of course that is true since no one has really make any effort at antidotal studies or even thought about doing them.

Scientists have long been of the opinion that earthquakes can and even sometimes have been man-made and it is true there is no real evidence except their supposition based upon what they do know about how earthquakes happen, but it would be simple to stop the fracking in the area around Azle for a long enough period that it might be determined that fracking was or was not the cause of the quakes.

It is clear to me that elected officials and oil company executives are going to do their usual dog and pony show and say no it ain’t possible, but the evidence is piling up all over in places where fracking has become common place, that there has been an increase in earthquakes and seismic disturbances. But when millions of dollars are involved then money always trumps the public good and the public’s right to know and to have answers.

Sadly it is probably going to take a major disaster and the loss of lives before anything gets done in determining if fracking is harmful to our Mother Earth and the people who inhabit it. I say again as I have said in the past we are messing with things we have no real knowledge of what the consequences may be or cause. Why should it take people dying to change or correct a problem.

If corporations are people as the 5 Supremes have said they are, then why won’t these people be good citizens and do the right thing which would be to shut down the fracking until a determination is made as to whether it causes harm to our Mother Earth?

Bob Bearden


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