Another Group of Florida White Supremacists

Another group of White Supremacists have been accused in Florida with planning to conduct a race war. They have a compound in Central Florida where they apparently have been training with AK-47s and other weapons and explosives for the express purpose of starting a race war.

It amazes me that these people use the world American as if it only applies to white people. Native Americans that were here first where pretty much brown or reddish-brown in skin color. Many of the first explorers even though they were of European origin were of a darker shade of skin than any of the people in those mug shots. Whites only is as stupid as it gets. I wonder how many of these people came from ancestors who were darker of skin?

And it is so totally illogical to hate someone for the shade of their skin. Skin color is something people can’t readily change or should want to. And these people are much more the interlopers here that people with darker shades of skin.

Where we could send them lord only knows. Maybe to some sort of sacred smart school, but with their IQs they would probably trash the facility on the first day.

They make comments about people with darker skins being sub-human but again that is an absolutely false premise. The Mayans, the Incas and even the Aztecs had highly intelligent cultures long before those on the European continent came out of caves.

These people’s group is a total misnomer they would be better labeled White Dumb Downers than White Supremacists. There is no supremacy in being known for hating someone because of the color of their skin. And the pigment of one’s skin has absolutely nothing to do with intellect or how smart you are.

These people were not born hating they had to be taught and therein lies the problem with groups like these. Somewhere along the line in their upbringing and education they missed out on relationships 101. Teaching someone to hate another person because they are different is a totally reprehensible act. And it makes no sense whatsoever.

But we can’t change the thought process of people like these by hating them for as Dr. King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that!” Whether or not it is too late for these people is a question not yet answered but we have to quit teaching our children to hate. We have to find a way to as we say in my church after every sermon, “Love another, every single other. Hard to do I admit especially when you run into people like those people in Florida where hatred has become almost a religion for them.

But if we don’t try the world will fall into chaos and we will all lose in the end!

Bob Bearden


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