Edmond State Representative’s Bill to Ban All Marriages

I was wondering just what our Tea Baggers in the State Legislature would decide to do since the ban on Gay Marriage has been struck down pending an appeal which will likely fail. I wonder no more.

Now comes an Edmond State Representative apparently the darling poster boy for all of the up town Mountain William rednecks. He has filed a bill in the state legislature to ban all marriages in the state of Oklahoma. Whoa!I knew there were a lot extremists and homophobic people dwelling in this state, but I don’t think I could have envisioned someone who would be to the far right of Sally Kern. But you can now push me over with a feather there are one!It’s as if we here in Oklahoma have been picked up and transported to never, never land where dwells the far right wing of nuttiness. It’s, I guess kind of like the kid who has the football on the playground in the park after school getting mad and deciding if he can’t be the QB he will take his football and go home. Ain’t nobody else got the price of another pigskin!

I thought maybe they might pull a Rick Perry and try to opt Oklahoma out of the USA. That would have been stupid at best but this guy Turner is a real doozy of a kook. I would elevate him to the top of the class of Kookery, making him as they say in the music business ‘Number One With a Bullet’! He suddenly ranks right up there with our illustrious ‘Climate Hoaxer’ Jim Inhofe, in fact I doubt Inhofe is even in this guy’s league when it come to being on the extreme edge. Move over Silly Sister Sally you have competition.

If it weren’t enough that Inhofe, Sally and a host of others haven’t made Oklahoma the butt of late night jokes and the laughing stock of the nation we now have possibly found that a member of the lost link between modern man and the Cro-Magnons has been found alive and well and a practicing member of the Oklahoma Tea Bagger Nation residing within our State Legislature.

Suppose you had just introduced a bill in your state legislature to ban all marriages within your state’s borders and suppose you were an idiot? But I repeat myself! Now I am wondering if anyone in Edmond will admit publicly that they voted for this guy? I would definitely keep my mouth shut about that vote were I they. That is unless they want to be pointed to and overhear someone say, “Well, actually that person over there said they did!” Maybe they can claim diminished capacity!

Bob Bearden

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One thought on “Edmond State Representative’s Bill to Ban All Marriages

  1. It’s part of the neo-reactionary world view. If something is enacted or prescribed that you don’t like, then burn everything down. Don’t like ACA, then stop the entire federal government, default on all federal debt. Don’t like the President? Filibuster all his appointments. Don’t like how certain people vote, change voting rules to take the vote away from them. Don’t like the findings of science, then demonize the particular scientist or, if necessary, all science in general.

    The modern reactionary mind sees everything other than tradition-bound authoritarianism as a threat. Better to have no government (as long as they have guns) than to have any change that might benefit anyone other than them.

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