Did You Know That Dominionists have VERY WEIRD Teachings

How many will agree that Catholics, Jews, and many other Christian religions should join the Dominionist religion or one of its affiliates or be arrested, have their money taken, and be jailed or killed? What’s that you say? Not you, because you’re Christian? Really.

Did you know that Dominionists have VERY WEIRD teachings that they hide from the public and that they believe in FORCED CONVERSION to their cult and that they dislike most mainline Christians, especially Catholics? In every country their “prophets” go to — like Cindy Jacobs–they bring religious strife. Extremist groups harass one another’s Sunday service with loud speakers and blaring music. They target religious and cultural artifacts even those of historic and archeological value to destroy. And they especially hate the R.C, targeting countries with high Catholic populations. It is one thing to want to evangelize, but it is another thing to disrupt someone’s wedding or funeral or worship service. They hide the anti-Catholic rhetoric from the public right now while they court the Hispanic vote. They also don’t go for MORMONS (which is why Mitt lost) and a host of other churches that they feel are “dead”.

Among their beliefs is the idea of one world government, starting with America, being ruled by a Theocracy with forced conversions. A handful of supernatural god-like Christians will rule until Christ comes and until then they will be ABOVE THE LAW and able to take YOUR money and spend it…If this sounds like Nazis taking money from the Jews that is because the founding father of these cults is a Nazi loving heretical Theologian R. Rushdoony (who believed in slavery) was a racist, a misogynist, and hated Jews. So when they sucker in people with words like “take back America for Christ” what they really mean is “take over America for this cult”.

They are not really Christian but overlap with the infamous “Family” in D.C who are detailed in Jeff Sharlett’s book “The Family”. As Sharlett noted this secretive group, funded by Big oil and mining, partners up with legit churches to “look” good and to infiltrate and sell their “Christian utopia” pitch to other Christians while openly attempting to bribe and blackmail members of Congress.Christians do not realize when they say “Christian” values they really mean “cult” values.No one would partner with them if they knew. They use emotional issues such as homosexuality and abortion to sucker people in. And Sharlett reports the “Family”(which now may also be called “The Fellowship”)advised Congressmen that once elected they became a “chosen one” and even if they raped little girls it would be okay in the eyes of God as regular laws don’t apply to them.

Yeppers. It is in black and white and heavily documented. And these groups have been rightly called the biggest threat to Christianity that we have ever seen. Why? Because they lie, twist, and make up dogma for political gain. And, they are a corporate controlled Church attempting to control all other churches in a fascist state. Essentially you’ll find out that they intend to rely heavily on made up prophecies and not legit Bible scripture or research. See Cindy Jacobs, their prophetess who claims to have raised the dead, and whose five-year-old daughter stopped a tornado–just a few of her crazy utterances. I would not call them Christian but wolves in sheep’s clothing. Deport Cruz.

What you have is a three-pronged attack on America by the Biggest and richest people on earth. They are using the Pacific trade agreement which is highly secretive to override all U.S laws, state and Federal. That is the legal attack via treaty, then they are corrupting the Christian Church to sucker in folks, (that is the religious attack) and also using the Tea Party and others for a POLITICAL attack.All of this is sugar coated with lots of feel good religion on the outside but twisted ideas at its core. You may use it as you see fit, but I beg you not to stop there. Get Sharlett’s book based on his infiltration of the Family and see what you are up against. They never trot out their weirder stuff to most people, but it is there.

Also, probe deeply into the Dominionist theology including a form of economics that has NO SCIENCE OR MATH to it. We all know Keynesian economics is what some of the economic theories were that were recommended and somewhat failed by Greenspan to multiple administrations. At least, they did attempt to use math and science. The Austrian school that the Dominionist favor is not looked upon with any credibility by scholars in the field, due to a complete lack of science…

Frankly, I am appalled by them. At one time one of their “prophets” was a Canadian Biker/druggie guy who preached terrifically and talked a good game while kicking with heavy boots in the face an elderly woman seeking healing. He also kicked people in the stomach and in the head claiming the Lord told him to do it and that they got healed. Later, it was discovered he was cheating on his wife and back on drugs. He claims people were healed by this brutal and dangerous action. As a nurse and as a person who believes in God’s healing power, I can’t justify kicking people for any reason. If there were healings done this way; it was not from God but something else.

Google Anti-Catholic Dominonist theology and anti-Semitism Dominionist theology.

Carol Christoffel


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