On the Proposal to Abolish Marriage in Oklahoma

Selecting Stones

About three years ago, state legislators introduced a bill to ban Islamic law (sharia) in Oklahoma.  It remains a mystery why certain right-wing politicians in the United States of America think that there is an imminent and realistic threat of their courts beginning to hand down decisions based on Islamic sharia.  Likewise, it remains a mystery why certain members of the Muslim Brotherhood ever expected to find Islamic sharia being practiced in Greeley, Colorado by bona fide Anglo-Saxons.  But mass hysteria is a common feature of most non-socialist societies, so whatever…

Naturally, the ban on sharia in Oklahoma went nowhere, but before the whole issue died an interesting thing happened.  In a bid to counter those who would claim (correctly) that she was an irrational Islamophobe, state congresswoman Sally Kern introduced a bill that would ban all religious law in the state of Oklahoma.  Although the implication…

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