Controversy Coke


The  commercial at the Super Bowl is stupid at best. America is about diversity we have been for a long time. I know we have had many back steps and most of the ethic groups that immigrated to America were subjected to bigotry and hatred as were the Native Americans who were already here and none so bad as what African-Americans were subjected and most of them came not because they wanted to but because they were forced.

But diversity was written into the constitution (although not always practiced in actual fact). The first settlers came here because of religious persecution. Millions came to our shores seeking a refuge from persecution and intimidation. We have evolved over the years into the most diverse culture of any nation on earth. We celebrate days devoted to many different cultures. We have all sorts of celebrations related to diverse cultures brought to our shores from all over the world.

We are the melting pot for the world. We aren’t a race we are people of diverse ethnicities, races and backgrounds. We are Americans coming together as a nation of people who are supposed to be united in a common cause. From all the dumb comments by right-wing bloggers and pundits you would think we are a race of people who excludes diversity not one who embraces it.

I applaud coke for their commercial and though I already drink coke I will probably drink a lot more now. This commercial celebrated the diversity that we as a nation should be proud of. This commercial seeks to tell the world that we are all Americans we care about diversity, love, caring, compassion and want to celebrate those things as a people and as a nation. As we say at my church at the end of every service. Go in peace, pray for peace, wage a little peace and love one another, EVERY SINGLE OTHER!

That’s what the commercial meant to me.

Bob Bearden


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