Cafe’ Owner in Enid: No Service to Gays

Once again Red State Oklahoma, land of some really vile bigots and haters and yet still home to some of the nicest people I have ever known, gets another slap in the face for the bigoted stance of a café owner in Enid who outed himself and his eating establishment as a location that will not serve gays, lesbians, poor people, certain African-Americans and anyone he through his infinite wisdom and vast knowledge of being able to know for sure, thinks is unworthy or is of such …unsavory of character from eating in his café.  (See News Channel 4)
Ah yes, another bigot heard from who knows how to tell who is gay, who is lesbian, who is poor and disadvantaged, and what shade of skin color disqualifies one from enjoying what he must think is some kind of special food that no other café is capable of serving and will stand for his right to say ‘get the hell out of my place’ to anyone of the above whom he can just look at and tell what and who they are. Such stupidity an arrogance of ignorance has this clown. And he is a clown. He needs to change the name of his establishment to ‘Off Limits To Anyone I Decide Isn’t Worthy’.
Yes I know– before someone tells me the obvious–he has a right to refuse service to anyone under certain circumstances but until he makes his café a private club it is still a public place and refusing to serve someone because of race, color and other reasons can be grounds that could get your establishment closed. The easiest way to shut down someone who is that bigoted and racist and stupid is to just not go there. It is my opinion that anyone who does frequent his place is saying to the world I agree with his beliefs and I too am a bigot. You may disagree but then you would obviously agree with the Duck Dynasty guy who said Jim Crow laws were mostly fun and games and who would like to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear!
As Rudyard Kipling said in his epic poem, Gods of the Copybook Headings, “And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the Fire” and so another bigot surfaces in Oklahoma and he will be cheered and defended by those of like mind who will stand foursquare for his right to be a bigot and a racist and yes for his God-given right to be an idiot.
I as a matter of consequence and conscience will not eat or enter his establishment. Partly because I believe he is wrong and partly because I believe no one has sufficient knowledge or ability to know who or what a person is or could possibly be or the why that it should matter and lastly I am of a decidedly brown color so I believe I would not be welcome in his establishment simply because of the shade of my skin. Which should never be a reason for the denial of service of any kind in any business that declares itself open to serve the public.
And if anyone chooses to grace his café after what they now know about his beliefs, I would say they are giving tacit approval to those beliefs.Bob Bearden

One thought on “Cafe’ Owner in Enid: No Service to Gays

  1. I just heard about this guy. And since he said that, he’s become a hotspot for gay nightlife, hasn’t he? At least as far as people on the internet would have us believe. Sarcastic revenge is always the sweetest revenge!

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