Moral Monday

This in some cities and states is Moral Monday. Moral Monday is a movement started in North Carolina to counter the draconian law passed to restrict student voters and others in North Carolina of being able to go to the polls and have their vote counted. But it is spreading like a wildfire out of control. Why?

Because people all across this nation are tired of the Koch Brothers who believe that the way to go is to buy elections so they can control the dialogue and thereby restrict our nation’s citizens right to speak out and have a say in our democratic republic. The Koch Brothers are an abomination on good citizenship and with a sleazy decision like that of Citizens United the 5 Supremes who aren’t so supreme fed the beast that the Koch Brothers have become.

The Koch Brothers and their ilk want to stifle anyone who opposes their vision of America which is a government that listens only to the small ideas of a pair of brothers who got rich off of their father’s money and seem to think they are entitled to control this nation and its people.

Moral Mondays are a way to counteract the effects of Koch Brothers and make them crawl back under the rock that they sprang from. The Kochs and their kind do not want the light of day shed upon on them. They hate the light just like the vampires of old. Shining a light on what they are trying to do is how we can drive a stake through the heart of their quest for unlimited power and control. They have the money tainted and filthy with their sleazy back room shenanigans though it is, we have the people.

The people yearning to be free of the Koch Brothers and their toady shills like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. The people who care about America and its children. The people who want the right to have an equal say in how our democratic republic works. Yes we have the people and we now have a vehicle to express the will of the people it’s called Moral Monday. Take to the streets and help start a Moral Monday where you live.

It’s the right thing to do, it’s the right time to do it, and as Dr. King said, “The time is always right to do that which is right!”

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Moral Monday

  1. And you should also look into how many of these demonstrators are arrested every week by the republican administration and legislators they are rallying against.

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