Today President Obama Signed an Executive Order

Today President Obama signed an executive order (not one of thousands as Faux News and Rush would have you believe) to require contractors who work on government projects to pay a fair minimum wage. Seventy-one percent of all Americans agree with the President including 54 percent of republicans.

It is time to raise the minimum wage and once again make it a living wage as it once was. In the 60’s you could work at a job paying minimum wage and actually do pretty well on your salary. Today even two minimum wage jobs make it difficult for a family of four to do more than pay the rent and put food on the table and very frugally at that.

We have millions of hard-working Americans living in poverty, some working at more than one job and in a family often times the mom, the dad and one or two children are working, and still barely subsisting. That is disgraceful and republicans the like of Rand Paul and others should be ashamed of themselves for dissing those who are struggling just to live in the richest nation on earth.

It is abjectly and patently wrong that those who struggle everyday of their lives to make enough money to feed their families should have to be subjected to the taunts and outright lies of those whose only purpose is to cater to the ultra rich and toady for the Koch Brothers whose aim is to make our nation over into a land where a small amount of people control all of the wealth.

Back in the days of Robin Hood and King Richard the Lionhearted that was what was known as serfdom. The royals and the rich barons controlled and owned all the land and wealth and most of the people worked all their lives for just enough food to live until they died. Why would anyone think that, that is an acceptable way of life?

But slowly things are changing. People all over America are getting fed up with listening to Rand Paul and Mitt Romney and Rush Limbaugh and Faux News rail against the poor and disadvantaged and are heading to the streets and like the news anchor from the movie ‘Network’, they are saying, “We are fed up and mad as hell and we’re not going to take any more!”

The time is coming and the people are moving towards telling Mitt Romney no Mitt, corporations aren’t people and you Mitt aren’t our friend and neither is Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. No they aren’t our friends they owe their souls to the company store that belongs to the Koch Brothers and their ilk and it is time ‘We the People’ tell them to buzz off.

We need to elect people to public office who will listen, people like my friend Collin Walke a fine hard-working candidate running for House District 87 right here in River City and that rhymes with Swell and Ed Shadid who is running for Mayor right here in River City which spells good government and a man who cares about our city and its citizens and not a mayor who has continually helped himself and his buddies line their pockets at the expense of the hard-working people of OKC.

We need to get to work as Ed Schultz says on his program and get a petition going to pass a minimum wage in Oklahoma City. We are supposed to be a Big League City but that should include all of our streets and our infrastructure not just a few cranky old rich white guys who have luxury boxes at the Thunder games and who own huge monoliths of buildings and get rich off of those who have to work extra hours just to get enough money to buy food for their children.

When one in four children go to bed hungry every night in Oklahoma something is wrong if those who are in charge of our city and our state stand by and do nothing to change that. When several hundred of our needy citizens are denied the opportunity to receive affordable health care something is wrong with this picture. When those who toady to the rich and powerful and do nothing to make a difference in those statistics something is terribly wrong and ‘We the People’ need to make our voices heard.

Passing a minimum wage won’t solve all our problems but it is a way to take that first step of our journey. Electing people like Collin Walke and Ed Shadid, people who care is also a good first step. We just have to be willing to stand up and step forward. If we do we too can be the change we wish to see in the world!

Bob Bearden


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