My Vote for Ed Shadid for Mayor of Oklahoma City

I received my absentee ballot in the mayoral election today so I am proud to say I am one of the early birds and have cast my vote for Ed Shadid for Mayor of Oklahoma City. It was an easy decision since Ed stands for progress and improving the lot of all of Oklahoma City’s citizens and not just for the privileged few represented by Mick Cornett and his buddies who care more about lining their pockets while ignoring all the things that are wrong with our city and need fixing.

Our streets are full of potholes and chug holes and our sewers are backing up and our water lines are bursting and we have whole neighborhoods that are neglected while Mick and his cronies brag about being a Big League City.

We have the worst public transportation system of any large metropolitan city in the United States and Mick only has plans for Bricktown and downtown where for most of our citizens who have no automobile or who don’t drive can’t even make the commute in under 2 or 3 hours to get to either of those places, where Mick doesn’t really want them to be anyway preferring they stay in their crumbling neighborhoods, closed mouth and out of sight. Don’t want to spoil the myth of Oklahoma City as a Big League City!

For a city of the size of Oklahoma City we are still a backwater city where only the elite of Big Oil and Big Gas count and all others must depend on what leavings Mick and company wish us to have. They are building sidewalks in areas that have no homes, but those are going to make someone a lot of money someday so why waste the city’s citizens tax money on fixing and building sidewalks where people actually live?

Well for one thing those neighborhoods contain citizens who toil at low wage, low paying jobs so they don’t count with the Mick. They can’t put in big bucks into his plans to revitalize downtown OKC or add more low wage jobs in Bricktown while bragging about how we are a Big League City.

Yeah we have an NBA team and they are rising stars in the rich world of professional basketball. We can spend millions on refurbishing their home formerly known as the Ford Center which was only built a few years ago and crassly renaming it Chesapeake Energy Center after Chesapeake ponied up a few cool million to get the naming rights. Where’d that money go? You can bet you won’t see on the northeast side or anywhere near the Stockyards area depressed and needy as those areas are.

Why not? Well the people who live in those areas can’t drop a few million into the city’s coffers for naming rights or for even fixing up our crumbling infrastructure. They often have to work at two or three jobs just to put food on the table deal with getting food stamps and visiting food pantries to help keep their families from starving. So no they can’t help Mick and his buddies brag about accomplishments they haven’t done. They are worried about less important things like staying alive and feeding their kids!

Yes I voted for Ed Shadid, because Ed cares about all of the citizens of Oklahoma City not just a privileged few. He cares about the things that matter which are making sure we have a safe and healthy environment in which to raise our families and whether or not we have good streets and safe neighborhoods.

Ed wants to make Oklahoma City a Big League City not just for a few cranky old old barons but for everyone!

Bob Bearden


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