OK, Lawton Republicrats

The District 63 candidate is a Republican.  He agrees with Republicans, he says, in that he is a Christian (because apparently Democrats aren’t) and because he is pro-life, whereas the rest of us are baby-killing monsters. He is either stupid or just the regular woman hating disgusting type of pig we’d all be voting for if we were Republicans.  If you are not insulted by what he said about you and your party, then you may not have been paying attention.  He more than doesn’t …care about us.  He has contempt for us.  And he views women as second class citizens who need to be controlled by the men in power.
He’s disgusting. I’d sooner vote for a Republican than this traitor and liar who is running for district 63.  Not only will I not campaign for him. I will campaign against him, and every other candidate who throws women under the bus to make himself look good for the bigots in the crowd.  THE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM IS PRO-CHOICE.  THAT IS WHY I’M A DEMOCRAT.
It’s going to take us a while to change the legislature in this state, since right now what we have to work on is cleaning the bigots and traitors out of our own party.
He said people are leaving the party because it is pro-choice.  That shows what an absolute idiot he is. People are leaving the party because it is useless, and the people who’s politics have progressed since the 1950’s have NO REPRESENTATION.I’ve been saying I’d vote for Dorman, though I won’t campaign for him, but I don’t think I’ll vote for him either. I’m no longer going to encourage this nonsense.  If you are not standing up for women, there is no fucking way I’m voting for you.
I don’t think that district 63 guy even cares about winning.  He doesn’t expect to.  I think some of these people are just getting in races to discourage others from running.  He is an absolute traitor.

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