A Big League City, Mick

Well, this is getting to be an everyday event another flyer from the Mick with his mug plastered all over it and this time he is really ramped up the brag mode. I never knew he had done so much for OKC and if the flyer is to be believed pretty much all by his lonesome. We’re #1! We’re # 1! We’re # 1!

Number one with a bullet I guess to put it in musical terms. Lowest Unemployment Rate, but was unable to find anything to verify that so I assumed he probably cadged on that just a tad. Number #1 most recession proof, don’t know how that was is gaged and so I question if that isn’t just so much campaign swagger and pretty much an unverifiable hogwash kind of thing.

We’re number one at least according to the gospel of the Mick in so many things it’s unclear why God hasn’t come down from his or her high perch and given us our wings yet. I have to believe he cadged most of this stuff from some brochure advertising a trip to Tahiti or some tropical paradise.

A wee tad bit over the top I would say. If even half of what he claims were actually true we would be inundated with new companies arriving daily setting up shop. And he touts that Big League City things as if it was really true when we who live in the city and look around our neighborhoods know that we ain’t no Big League City we ain’t even first class.

And the claim that made me want to throw up was his claim that he has spent $500 million dollars on improving our city streets. I came down some of those streets coming home from my Union Hall this afternoon. If I had stopped and walked a block on one of them I would have be able to count at least 75 to 100 chug-holes and probably at least a third as many potholes in that short block not to mention several places along the route I traveled that had stretches of pavement sinking down from where city workers had patched them and now the patched area is sinking into the ground.

Now of course if you go downtown where I assume the Mick must now be living since he divorced his wife (not trying to shush his family values creds) you might be convinced that hey OKC has really got it together and look at them! Wow! But of course the Mick wears pink glasses obviously when and if he ever ventures out into the hinterlands of OKC proper and visits neighborhoods like the one I live in or heads over to neighborhoods on the northeast side or down around exchange avenue and Penn.

Then sans rose-colored glasses you would get a glimpse of just how much the Mick hasn’t done for the city of OKC proper and the people who are the backbone of OKC. Those people who have to work at one of the low minimum wage jobs the Mick likes to brag about bringing to OKC.

he Mick brags about most business friendly (in terms of low paying low wages high cost of purchasing the goods) city in the nation. But he fails to mention that most of the jobs created under the Mick’s influence have been low wage jobs on which the residents the Mick likes to not talk about can’t even feed their families.

He makes no mention of course about all the companies who have left the city and surrounding areas, like the Lucent plant in far west OKC which once had nearly 8,000 high paying jobs. Or the Dayton Tire Plant that in its heyday was home to nearly 6,000 good paying good benefit jobs. Or General Motors which once had nearly 4,000 good paying jobs with great benefits and retirement. And those are just a few of the companies that have either left OKC or laid off workers during the Mick’s years. But he doesn’t want to include that in his campaign material wouldn’t look too good for the Mick. No it sure wouldn’t!

A Big League City, Mick? Yeah Mick, we are number one with a pothole!

Bob Bearden


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