In the Category of News

In the category of news. This winter has been declared the 10th worst on record and the worst since 1979. But take heart dear ones we still have 3 weeks to go to move up!

Wal-Mart is considering raising the minimum wage of their associates to $10.10 an hour! This in the category of 8th Wonders of the World!

And it what seems like it just might be fake news but no I’m told it’s true far right-wing employer Hobby Lobby announced they are raising the minimum of their employees to $9.50 an hour. Whether or not that includes all of their employees is anyone’s guess. And I have been wondering if that means any employee who is making more will have their salaries reduced. With Hobby Lobby you never know!

And Michelle Bachman is trying to get someone to tell her just where the Ukraine actually is. I’m told that she wants to take Louis Gohmert the quacky wacky Texas congressman (how he got elected is a total mystery to me) and go on a fact finding junket (at the government’s expense of course) to find exactly where it is. I would certainly contribute to that trip should the government not want to pay full fare for these two-thirds of the new Three Stooges Act. Maybe they would get lost in their search.

And a Virginia Pawn Shop still has their sale sign reading ‘Obama is coming to get your weapons so stock up now’! It’s been there for the past five years and as a marketing tool it has worked wonders for their gun sales. Proving P.T. Barnum was no dummy when he said, “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer the nose in the face wacky right winger is pondering today whether to sign a bill passed by the Arizona State Legislature allowing business owners to discriminate against Gays and Lesbians on the grounds of religion. Just when you think the idiots who inhabit the Tea Party can’t come more stupid legislation that will be struck down as unconstitutional they go and prove you wrong. But then A&E does have the Duck Dynasty so Forest Gump was right, “Stupid is as stupid does!”

Well that’s all the wacky news I have seen so far today, but the day is still young!

Bob Bearden


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