Mayor Mick

It’s been five days and I have received five pieces of mail from our mayor the Mick. And OMG such wonders as he has done for us all. And now that he has a worthy opponent he seeks our help and comfort to work together to keep our neighborhoods strong. Really? What a crap of excrement!
We are in the middle of a renaissance! Really? I don’t think the Mick has spent any time in my neighborhood or for that matter a whole bunch of our fair city’s neighborhoods. When you look thr…ough his fly me brochures you will find the neighborhood backgrounds shots are upscale areas where all the swells live and areas like those down in the Exchange Ave neighborhoods aren’t included. And the Mick cleverly slips in the religion thing in one of the posed for shots in this last flyer.
All of the flyers are slickly done and done obviously by some slick sleight of hand people who know their puff pieces. But then the Mick is a slick operator who went from being a second banana sportscaster to a mulit-millionaire mayor in a couple of short years so he knows sleight of hand one would have to conclude.
Now for the first time ever he is asking for our help to invest in better streets. Strange in the last flyer the streets were fine so I guess the Mick actually took a much needed tour around the parts of OKC where reside the real people who drive over and live by the streets with all the chug holes and potholes and sink holes. It’s called the haven’t been there done that before tour.
Now the Mick is ready to focus on better schools in one of his earlier puff pieces he was bragging about our schools. Guess he took a tour of them too.
It’s nice that at long last the Mick is embarking on a love affair with all of OKC but methinks it’s just until March 5th and then he plans to go back to business as usual. The Mick is slick! But I say five flyers are way too much of the Mick. I know ten years of the Mick is ten years too long! It’s time we retired him to his swells mansion and elected someone who really cares about OKC all the time not just when his rectum is on the line! And that ain’t the Mick!
Bob Bearden

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