Rex Tillerman (and friends and neighbors)

Fracking, boy howdy, fracking is good for America, good for the economy, won’t harm the environment, and damn good for the oil bidness! So sayeth the CEO of the world’s largest oil and gas producer a Texas oil baron named  Rex Tillerson a real-life J.R. Ewing. He loves that fracking!
Well, except when he don’t. Tillerson and friends and neighbors have filed a law suit in their upscale neighborhood (read multi-million dollar properties) north of Dallas against an oil company …who is proposing to build a huge water storage tank in their area to be used for of all things storing water used to frack. Really?
And one of the alleges in King Tillerson and buddies in crime’s lawsuit is that the building of that water tower will harm (listen for it) the environment! Say what?
So, fracking does cause damage to the environment, well at least where Mr. Tillerson lives and breathes. Other places where Mr. Tillerson’s oil bidness company fracks, not so much!
Speak of two-faced jackasses and here one pops up on the radar. Oh and the people of Michigan and those in Nebraska and those in Mayflower Arkansas feel your pain brother Tillerson. Do they ever!
Mr. Tillerson believes in fracking one hundred percent, that is unless it is happening in his backyard then fracking we don’t want no fracking played around here so says Mr. Tillerson, sayeth them all!
When will we begin to understand that people in the oil bidness don’t care for America, its fragile environment, its ordinary people or anything much excepting lining their pockets and giving the finger to all the rest of us Americans. Mr. Tillerson is a disease and we need a cure from his kind of virus which is a virus of greed and avarice.
Citizens of America it is time to unite and tell jackapes like Rex Tillerson we are tired of his lies and having him and his oil bidness buddies buying their way to getting their way right or wrong. If there ever was a poster boy for Greed he is it!
I believe that the best disposition of his lawsuit would be to allow fracking only in his neighborhood and no place else. Poetic justice is what my mother the Judge would have called it. Then we would see just how much Mr. Tillerson believes that fracking won’t harm the environment. Actually, I think he already knows and that’s why he’s filing the lawsuit.
Bob Bearden

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