Mary Fallin: Obamacare Here to Stay

Our governor Mary aka ‘M***r**s’ Mary’ has finally admitted that Obamacare is here to stay and that they can’t change or repeal it, but she still refuses to implement the Medicare initiative in Oklahoma which would help at least 600,000 of our most needy citizens mostly seniors receive the health care they need. No, she is more interested it making sure the uber-rich get their tax cuts and that she helps in the effort to gut education and deny teachers a pay raise they so well… deserve. And all because she doesn’t like the fact that Americans went to the polls and elected a Black man President, twice!
Bigotry reigns in Oklahoma and Mary is among its most ardent purveyors. Oh I know people will say she isn’t prejudiced but when you look at the facts and when you listen to her rhetoric and you take the time to digest what she is saying there is no other conclusion to be drawn. Hatred as a tool to harm some of our most vulnerable citizens is reprehensible at any level but when it is embodied into decisions made by the people we elect not to be biased but to be a representative of all of our citizens it is wrong.
When you are elected there is nothing wrong with being a member of one party or another. That’s our system of government good or bad. We have to live with it. But once you are elected you are supposed to rise above partisan politics and govern for the people, all the people. When you take the oath of office it includes serving the people of the state and it doesn’t say only the people who voted for you.
Some people can and do rise above partisanship and work to make things better for all the citizens in the state. They do the right thing. That’s what being governor is all about governing the state as a representative of all the people in the state not just a privileged few. Caring about those who need help the most is supposed to be a Christian trait and Mary professes to be a Christian so why does she ignore those who need help the most and cater only to those who can and do put money in her campaign coffers? Where’s the Christian charity in that?
Disagreement over policy is normal and natural but when you place the greed of the corporate world above the citizens of your state then you are not doing the job you were elected to do. And Mary was elected to govern for all the people of Oklahoma not a few bloated oil barons.
She shows her lack of compassion when she admits that Obamacare is here to stay but she won’t still do the right thing and come to the aid of the most vulnerable citizens in the state. That says a lot about her character and her so-called Christian values.
Bob Bearden

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