Alaska Sarah

Sarah Palin was elected mayor of a small town in Alaska unknown to the world then somehow jumped from that job in record time to becoming Governor of the whole state and then on what has to be the biggest blunder of any presidential candidate in history is selected to be his running mate for Vice-President of our country.

She then proceeds to show everyone how utterly lacking in skills or knowledge of not only the world but our country and its citizens as well and when McCain’s presidential bid fails she is suddenly hired by Faux News to be a political pundit based simply on the fact that she ran as part of a failed ticket for the second highest office in the land.

The facts of her stupidity actually led to her being considered a qualified pundit on world affairs and the fact she was part of a failed political ticket made her an instant expert on politics. But that’s nothing new in a country which creates celebrity out people who have no credentials of any kind as to anything they have done.

Case in point is the Kardashians. They are famous for being famous. Their every utterance and whim gets splashed all over television. It doesn’t matter that they have nothing intelligent to bring to the table just the fact that they can speak and put more than one sentence together makes them instant fodder for that vast wasteland that has been created by 24/7 endless channels.

We now have news about people who do nothing more than exist in a vacuum and who have absolutely nothing of any redeeming social value to say or do.

Sarah Palin is a created celebrity who lives simply for the celebrity that was created for her by the simple fact that John McCain decided to select her as his running mate for reasons that only he and maybe God knows why! She knows nothing concrete about American Foreign Policy nor about American or World economics but she because of her instant celebrity of being a Vice-Presidential candidate is awarded a mantle of knowledge that she has never had and now there are millions who hang on her every word as gospel according to Sarah.

We have people who overdose on the Kardashians and the Duck Dynasty Fakers even all the while knowing that these people are simply using their hero worship to became rich. We have people who hang on every word they utter and believe that just because they have celebrity status that makes them instant experts on all things. People who are educated and knowledgeable and should know better but buy into the hype surrounding these people hook, line and sinker and consider them harmless as a best case scenario.

It makes absolutely no sense but one 15 second sound bite these days even if it is a stupid gaffe can suddenly make an expert and a celebrity out of someone who has no previous knowledge, intellect or known ability to do or say anything meaningful.

We are creating a whole generation of people who are simply in love with celebrity and whether or not they have any ability doesn’t matter whatever they say is given an immediate segment on the evening news and suddenly they are being asked about the Crimea and about things they have no knowledge of whatsoever. And whatever they say is given immediate credence while the real experts and those who really know what is going on in the world are ignored because well they aren’t celebrities so how could they know anything.

I believe it was David Susskind who warned that television would one day become a vast wasteland. He was scoffed at and his words debunked but I have come to believe television and its endless channels filled mostly with stupid drivel from people whose only credentials rest in the fact that they have gained celebrity status simply for being a celebrity is working to dumb down our nation and its people. Truth today is simply one’s perceptions and most of our perceptions comes from whom we watch and what we see on the vast wasteland that is television.

We are being distracted from the real issues by shows that are pushed as being real and yet have no correlation to reality whatsoever. It is a scary scenario in that we get most of our news from sources that have no reason and no requirement to as Howard Cosell used to say, “Tell it like it is!” The truth has become whatever one’s perceptions say that it is. And in my opinion the unwillingness for many of our citizens to actually fact check what they hear and see is our road to perdition!

Bob Bearden


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