Minimum Wage Petition

We had our first strategy session this afternoon on what we need to do to get the Minimum Wage Petition going that Tim re-filed on Monday to raise the minimum wage in Oklahoma City to $10.10 per hour. A lot of questions were raised and a lot of answers given. We now have just under 90 days (saying that the City Clerk approves our petition – she has 10 days from Monday to do that, without any gigs) to get the required 6,200 signatures of ONLY THOSE REGISTERED VOTERS WHO LIVE WHITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF OKLAHOMA CITY.
Actually, we will need to get at least several thousand extra signatures just to insure that we will have enough signatures that are of qualified voters who are Oklahoma City residents so that the petition will be valid. We are needing volunteers who are willing to get signatures on the petition. Of course we must follow the outdated rules of requirement for the petition – rules that haven’t changed since 1951. I know already there are boo-birds who say it ain’t happening and there is already a bill in the state legislature that is trying to prevent local cities and towns from being able to circulate petitions of this type but nothing ventured, nothing gained so we will make the effort.
If you believe in what we want to do and are with a group or church or organization please contact the Central Oklahoma Labor Council (634-4030) and get a petition that you can circulate to qualified voters in your church or group or organization. The minimum wage is an issue that is highly popular at this time as 73% of the public believe it needs to be raised. It enjoys popularity all across the religious and political spectrum.
We will need all the help we can get and we can give you training and instruction on how to get signatures that will pass the test. This is not a union issue it is a worker issue most union members have jobs that pay a living wage but millions of workers in this nation do not and they too deserve a decent wage for the hard work they do!
The train is ready to leave the station so get on board!
Bob Bearden

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