Watching the Crazies on CPAC

After watching a few of the crazies on CPAC–and I’m not just talking about the crowd–I’m including the speakers. And after listening to Paul Ryan use a fake story to dis the poor and disadvantaged it made me remember my Mother and what she always tried to instill in her family and friends. “It isn’t about blame; it’s about love and caring and doing the right thing. It’s about giving back not taking.”
The clowns who made their way to speak at CPAC haven’t a clue about those things. They don’t care about the real people of this nation they care about the fakers like Donald Trump and the Koch
Brothers people who only care about when and how they are going to make their next dollar.
My Mother cared about poor people because she had been there and done that and it was her mission to do whatever she could to make things better for those less fortunate. Paying back what she received was the way she lived her life. She returned ten-fold back to the community she served for all the many times someone had helped her along in her life. Caring about what happens to others is a noble calling and that’s what my Mother was all about.
When she became a judge my mother never judged the plight of others with an eye to punish. She always applied the law with an eye to mercy, justice and fairness. And she did so because she cared about people and she understood how important it was to temper justice with common sense.
A future governor of Texas gave her the nickname ‘The Fair Judge’, because he once told her, “Ruth you are the fairest person I have ever known! If I ever get into a situation where I need a judge, I hope you will be the one who is assigned to my case, because I know you care about what happens to people and you will always be fair in your deliberations and decisions! No one could ask for more than that!”
That’s what Americans should be about! That’s what America is and always has been about! Treating every citizen of this nation with an eye to mercy, justice and fairness in a reasonable and common sense manner! These crazy CPACers could learn a thing or two from my Mother’s journey on this earth!
Bob Bearden

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