2014 CPAC Extravaganza

The 2014 CPAC extravaganza is over and all the wing nuts have now being properly sated and warmly sedated by all the outrageously scary rhetoric went back into their rodent holes where they likely last night had visions of sugar plums and guns gone wild dancing in their heads. Not much of any real substance came out of it as speaker after speaker trashed our president, and overdosed on the adulation of a mob of right-wing crazies who came to be fed a lot of raw red meat and l…eft feeling totally sated and growling in anger ready to carry Rand Paul to defeat in 2016.
But there was one slightly sane speech (and I use the term sane very loosely) in all of the doomsayeth rhetoric from the high priestess of mean Ann Coulter to the ah shucks blather of Sarah the Palin perpetual Beauty Queen contestant AKA the ‘Moose Killin’g Mama’ of failure. It came from a very unlikely source. Rick ‘Good Hair’ Perry, erstwhile outgoing governor of the separatist state of Texas.
What? Rick Perry actually had a sane thought in his pointy head? Wow! Who could have thunk it? Not me that’s for sure. But he did. He actually made a case in his speech for the federal government and for it being necessary and doing a good job. Ah, of course it was only in one area but he wowed me out of my boots.
Rick made the case quite well for the federal government’s most venerable institution the only one mentioned in our constitution the U. S. Postal Service. Rick thinks it should be left alone and he allows as the USPS is a good part of the very government whom he would like to secede from and take Texas with him, except well maybe not the postal service. He allowed we should not only leave the postal service alone but we should keep 6 day delivery. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
So maybe I will have to re-evaluate my assessment of Rick ‘Good Hair’ Perry I had pretty much decided he was dumber than a fox trying to eat an armadillo and he goes and proves me wrong. Well not completely wrong as most of his speech stayed along CPAC lines of engagement and trashed our president and the government he rode in on.
Shiver me timbers for once in my life I actually agree with something Rick ‘Good Hair’ Perry said. Well maybe two things he allowed (and this from the governor responsible for sending more people to their sanctioned death than any other governor in the history of the US) that we needed to look at finding ways not to put so many people in prison for minor offences and look towards more lenient applications of the law as to the use and possession of marijuana.
Will wonders never cease? Something at the CPAC conference that actually made sense and from a guy I have long considered a border line idiot!
Cheez and the sun is still coming up in the east!
Bob Bearden

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