Another CPAC

Another CPAC is history and Rand Paul won the lottery. That is to say he was picked as the one right wing nut job most of those in attendance would like to take home or maybe run for president? And Michelle Bachman allowed CPAC was a group of intellectuals? Really? But, I was impressed that Michelle could actually pronounce the word. As to whether or not she has any clue as to what it means, well I doubt that but miracles can happen I suppose.

CPAC as usual lived up to its billing as being an overdose of ego splashed about by a wide array of intellectual types like Rush Limbaugh, Michelles, Malkin and Bachman, the new Queen of Mean Ann Coulter, and Rick Santorum and of course the queen mother of all CPAC intellectuals Sarah the Palin, who closed the pick me Monty fest with her best Beauty Queen speech. Although she did leave out the standard beauty queen contestant line of wishing for world peace.

What a cabal of anti-government sunshine patriots most of whom ended not only trashing our government, and our president but praising Putin for being a bully and calling President Obama a weak sister. I have to assume they may have all got a primer course in courage from James Mattoon Scott from Seven Days In May!

The irony of their hatred for all things American and all things American government, makes me wonder why they aren’t leading a mass exodus to Russia to join forces with Vladimir Putin and the Russia Federation, who appears to be trying to reinvent the Soviet Union in his own image and whom they praised to high heaven for his leadership abilities seeming to be totally lacking in the knowledge that Putin was a communist who worked many long years for the KGB.

But let’s face it an inherent knowledge of real facts about our nation, the world or the history of both is severely lacking in the world of CPAC superstars. They bandy about a lot of rhetoric but one can find very little truth or any real offering in meaning and context. Ramping up the rabble that is their base and overdosing on the adulation of an intellectually starved mob is what sells at CPAC.

The stars are hard to pick out of the crowd there up on the podium but Mitch McConnell got some big time mojo with his Charlton Heston ‘Dead Hands’ holding in the air of a rifle he carried into the proceedings to present to Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn who is retiring from public office. Wayne La Pierre the NRA nut job of a president cranked up the crowd with his fiery speech on guns, guns and more guns in the hands of every nut job who can afford to own one. Wayne’s idea of a safe America is every man, woman and child armed and dangerous.

Those were just a few of the many and Sarah the Palin got the most coveted spot at the conference when she got to close out CPAC as the very last speaker. But Rand Paul as expected won the coveted straw poll as the guy most likely to win the 2016 nomination.

CPAC loads of scary people claiming to be patriots whose main mission seemed to be, drawing a blue print to destroy the very government they are a part of and seem to hate so. I wonder how do you call yourself a patriot when you hate the government that has nurtured you and you have sworn an oath to defend?

Bob Bearden


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