Valdez Oil Spill Worse Than Originally Believed

After 25 years of studying the effects the Exxon Valdez oil spill had on the environment scientists have concluded that it’s worse than they had originally believed it to be. They have concluded that the ill effects of the spill still linger today and that the eco-system is still not recovered yet. It has harmed vast amounts of fish and wildlife to the point of possible extinction of some species.
Whole groups of fish are slowly recovering from the effects of the spill and it has reduced the amount of wildlife in the area greatly. Their conclusions are that oil spills are much more damaging and the damage is much longer lasting than they used to believe them to be.
If there ever was a wake up call for doing something immediately to get us off of our addiction to fossil fuels this should be it. But you can count on the Koch Brothers and other mammoths of the oil industry going all out in sparing no expense to muzzle this report. We should be rethinking what we are doing to our world and be motivated to do something about it before it is too late.
Oil spills either on land or sea has become an almost daily occurrence to the point of very little time given to reporting them until the aftermath of the effects of the spill has started to take effect. The oil industry for its part simply pays out a paltry few million for the clean-up and settles with people caught in their path of destruction and goes back to the business of making outrageous profits with almost no concern nor regulation done to insure that more of the same won’t continue to happen.
They just don’t give a damn all they are interested in is keeping us addicted to gas guzzling vehicles while their progeny and ours are left to deal with the future consequences. These people left unfettered to continue their reckless disregard of our Mother Earth will doom us all and especially our children to life of hell!
Bob Bearden

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