Supreme Court Made the Lawyer for Hobby Lobby Squirm

The three women justices of the supreme court made the lawyer for Hobby Lobby squirm yesterday with their pointed and right on questions. Pointing out the facts was left up to the women of the court as the men pledged to do their usual due diligence and do nothing that would piss off Hobby Lobby. Justice Kagan made it clear that what Hobby Lobby is trying to do is destroy the Affordable Care Act by making it allowable that any corporation can opt out on religious grounds for almost any reason they want to.

This isn’t about religious convictions at all, at the underlying core of their whole argument is the fact that they don’t want to provide their employees with affordable health care. I will not be gracing the doors of Hobby Lobby any time soon if ever again, cause even if they lose this case it’s the reason behind their pursuing it at all that is flawed and just plain wrong.

And what’s up with that d*c*head in Alaska who thinks women who need contraceptives aren’t responsible women. I don’t understand why people vote for these clowns they are so far behind the times as to be closer to being a Neanderthal than they are to being someone who fits into today’s society. I can’t imagine what a woman who would actually date or marry one of these idiots could be thinking? Is she the one wearing the tee-shirt saying I’m with stupid? Must be!

You can be against abortion for a number of reasons that might actually have a legitimate basis in fact, but when you try to make fools of women who are simply in need of contraception and clinical help for a variety of reasons often having nothing to do with an abortion you are being a complete a**hole. Refusing to allow women control of their own bodies is way more than being chauvinistic it is bordering on being criminal and you know if the shoe was on the other foot none of these clowns would hesitate to cry foul.

Women are not chattels and they are not stupid allowing them to make decisions about their bodies is simply the right thing to do. The abortion issue is being used to dictate unreasonable restraints on a woman’s right. They have the same unalienable rights as every man in this nation and refusing them the same right accorded to men is wrong on so many levels. And any woman who buys into the abortion argument is doing a deserve to their gender.

It is not about whether an abortion is right or wrong that’s something that should be left to each individual to decide for themselves. And making it a religious issue is wrong because we in this nation have long enjoyed the right of freedom of religion that right doesn’t stop at the church house door and that right isn’t something that corporations should have the right to nullify just because they don’t want give their employees the right to have affordable health care.

We, every American citizen has been endowed by our Constitution with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which simply means those are not the only rights we have been endowed with. Religious zealots need to get out of the business of telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies or what rights they are entitled to. And the wimpy d*c*headed politicians who genuflect to them need to grow a pair of cajones and tell them to (pardon my French) F**k Off!

Bob Bearden


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