The Job Creators

They like to be known as ‘job creators’. This is the one percent we are talking about. You know the Koch Brothers, Adelson, What type of jobs do they create? Well they have created a job designed to destroy our inner earth and with it our major sources of water and create earthquakes on our surface and cause oil spills that too are contaminating our above ground water supplies and creating a lot of low wage low paying jobs that no one can live on!

How is all this job creation helping to bring people out of poverty as job creation is supposed to do? Well the facts are in, and it isn’t creating jobs in fact most of the money coming from these sources is going to the pockets of the ones that created them the one percent.

And now through their shills they are attacking the rest of us for being no-good no-accounts and not wanting to work for a living like say the Koch Brothers who have never did a day’s labor in their lives. They are telling us before kids who are poor should be allowed to eat they should have to work for their suppers. They are telling us that we must work harder and accept less pay for our hard work and place our retirement options in the hands of a few shady Wall-Streeters so they can rob and steal our pensions.

They are telling everyone who will listen that we are not entitled to our Social Security or our Medicare benefits even though we have paid for them with our hard work for 40 or even 50 years. We’re not entitled to an entitlement program even though an entitlement program is something that one is entitled to if they have paid their fair share? What are these people afflicted with?

It’s called let’s try to fool all the people all the time. They have taken away truth an replaced it with a concocted fiction that the poor are poor because they are lazy and have no ambition save to live in abject poverty content to be on the government dole living out their lives with no hope of anything more than a government hand out to survive on.

So their answer to this is let’s give more and more tax breaks to the wealthy ‘job creators’ and let’s cut food stamps and deny the poor food to live, make poor children work for their food, destroy public education, end entitlement programs like social security and Medicare. That will give the poor and disadvantaged incentive to go out and get a job and go to work and quit mooching off the government. All these jobs will eventually trickle down and we’ll be living the high life of the rich and famous.

Except it never works that way. Rich people don’t create jobs, demand for goods create jobs. That demand comes from those who have good paying good benefit jobs. Give more money to the rich and they hoard it give more money to the poor and low wage and the middle class and they spend it and that in turn is how more jobs are created.

The rich aren’t ‘job creators’, the job creators are the consumers who when they get more spend more! That’s basic economics 101. Where did Paul Ryan learn his economics from. Mac the Knife?

Bob Bearden


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