The Hobby Lobby Case: What was the Bill of Rights all about?

The Hobby Lobby case is being touted by those on the right as an issue of religious freedom. I ask whose? Since when do corporations have more of a right to religious freedom than do individual citizens? Why is it okay for a corporation to deny a woman access to health care on the grounds that it violates their religious freedom? What about a woman’s religious freedom? Does she have no right to religious freedom?

Examine then the right to religious freedom. What was the Bill of Rights all about? To me it’s plain as the nose on my face the Bill of Rights were enacted to protect the individual American citizen against the excesses of the corporate world as well as from the excesses of government. The Bill of Rights protects the individual freedoms of the people and despite what the 5 Supremes said in their Citizens United decision corporations are not people. Corporations are made of people but a group of people are only individual when they act separately when they act in concert they are a group and rights apply only to each one individually not to the group as a whole.

The Bill of Rights trumps any rights corporations may have because corporations are not individual citizens therefore their rights extend only in as much as each individual in that corporation has rights but their rights are as a collective isn’t the same.

Allowing corporate right to trump individual right takes away an individual’s right and allows corporations more rights than individual thereby effectively negating the Bill of Rights which applies only to individual rights. The Bill of Rights were enacted to protect the individual not the corporation. Hobby Lobby’s argument rings hollow. They as a corporate entity cede their rights when they incorporate. Corporations have protections under the law but it should not include the right to supersede an individual’s right ever.

Hobby Lobby is simply trying to gain a right they are not entitled to under the constitution and in doing so take away the rights of individual citizens given to them by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Hobby Lobby makes billions of dollars in profits each year giving their employees the right to affordable health care and with it women the right to have access to needed medical coverage is not going to diminish their bottom line. Whatever costs they believe they will incur by doing this they will gladly try to pass on to their customers. Where is their so-called Christian Values in all of this?

Jesus said to go and care for the halt, the lame, the sick, the poor and disadvantaged. He did not say take away their rights to choose. Hobby Lobby would look more like what Christians should look like and should be doing if they would drop their suit and really take care of their employees in the manner Jesus told them too.

Christian Values? Hobby Lobby’s Christian Values are questionable at best! Religious freedom for Hobby Lobby? When they begin to show true Christian Values then we’ll talk about religious freedom!

Bob Bearden


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