ACA: what will they have to talk about now?

As the last day comes for people to sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act the website to sign up is being overwhelmed with last-minute attempts to sign up. Oh woe is me! Millions are trying to sign up and the projected numbers are being surpassed even as we speak. And there have been no death panels killing off seniors. So now what will the Party of No have to say about Obamacare? They have based their whole mid-term election campaign on the projected failure of Obamacare and guess what? It isn’t a failure! How’d that happen?

To paraphrase Geronimo, what will they have to talk about now? Despite the millions spent by the Koch Brothers and others out to kill Obamacare, with their onerous misleading and often outright false ads deriding it, it has passed the test and it is proving to be a viable entity offering millions of our citizens affordable health care they have never been able to have before. And the far right has went silent, mutely boggled on what to do next now that their far out dire predictions have failed to materialize?

Do they have a plan B? It can’t be ‘eat crow’ but that might just be something they might look at as they wipe egg off their faces and try to walk back their words about Obamacare’s impending failure. It has exceeded its projected figures by a large number despite the glitches during the initial roll out. And not all the final figures are in and the nearly half of the states that refused to set up exchanges of their own will now have the feds do it for them and that can only increase the projected numbers.

So guys, especially you rich cranky old white guys regroup and figure out what you’re going to toss your not hardly earned millions at now. It looks like Obamacare lives, long live the Affordable Health Care Act. The USA rocks!

And now despite what you cranky rich old farts tried to do to submarine the AHCAct you failed it looks like for you tonight will give way to what Ole Wille liked call, ‘A Bloody Mary Morning’! Oh woe is thou. To quote Margo Channing for you guys, “Fasten your seat belts it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!”

Bob Bearden


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