At OK State Capitol: in support of education and of teachers

10170762_720731594635318_1950286131_nLiterally thousands upon thousands rallied at the state capitol today in support of education and of teachers. It’s a fact teachers are important to us all, without teachers no one learns. The care and education of our children once was the most important thing in our Democratic Republic. Our founders understood the importance of a highly educated electorate to the health and well-being of our nation.

This nation’s public school system was once the envy of the world, but because of a bunch pinheaded religious fanatics who have been out to systematically destroy our public school system over the past 30 years public schools and the dedicated teachers that teach our children have fallen on hard times.

We as a nation ought to be ashamed of ourselves for in neglecting our schools we have in effect been neglecting our children. In deriding our teachers and refusing to pay them what they deserve we have been slowly and surely knocking the underpinnings out of our society. It is to our everlasting shame that we have not placed a higher priority upon the finer points of giving our children and our grand-children the best education available.

Once education was something that we in America took seriously because we knew that the best way to make our society safe and progressive was to educate our children, give them the tools to keep our society free and open. Somewhere along the way we lost our perspective and we are now paying the price. Instead of educating our children we are being forced to feed them half-baked outdated theories that have no basis in fact.

Intelligent design is not even a credible theory. Most clerics and religious leaders will tell you that intelligent design has no basis in fact nor is it even biblical. But we now have text books that teach that as a proven fact when it is just so much crap. Evolution is a fact and most enlightened religious leaders accept it as such. It doesn’t change their views or their faith. If one’s faith is so shaky that it is challenged by facts then I would say you have little faith, either in yourself or your religious beliefs.

I know Jesus lived. I know he was real. I know he offered us a new way to live. That doesn’t mean I give up my ability to reason for myself nor does it mean that I can’t understand the science of our world or that the two can’t be mutually inclusive. Science isn’t in conflict with my religious beliefs it only serves to reinforce them.

Today’s rally was letting our state legislators and our governor know that we want our children to be educated by professionals who care about what happens to our children, to our state and to our world. That’s what teachers are all about. Get out of their way and let them do what they have been trained to do – teach!

Pay them at the level that they should have always been paid. After all without teachers no one learns!

Bob Bearden


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