ACA: Facebook Discussion: Nixon too

Is 12 cents per year too much for a health plan through Blue Cross? I need to know soon before I sign up. Same coverage as I had a year ago. Anybody?
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  • Terry Gresham: My next question is: how are they going to bill me for the first month? And, where am I going to get that kind of dough?
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  • JM:  HAHA….I could loan you 12 cents. It takes at least two weeks to get a billing statement from Blue Cross. They generate the billing statements on the 15th of the month.
  • Terry Gresham Thanks Judie but how will I ever repay you? That’s a lot of money. Affordable Health Care, my #%$&. Where on Earth did they get that name for it? We’ll go broke.
  • BHLOVE it!!!
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    LE. : Enjoy. We are getting kicked off our plan in 2015. Already got the notice.
  • Terry GreshamSorry to hear that. The Obama Administration should not have embraced and passed a Republican plan– I have said this many times. Most things that come out of the Heritage Foundation makes me throw up. But all that aside, I went to the Navigator and did all required stuff. I’m only paying 1 cent a month for a plan that had cost me much much more. That’s still not going to turn me into a conservative, though.
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    SE:  You’re sssssso much wiser than the rest of us, Terry…
  • Terry GreshamI know how you feel S.E, those fiscally conservative but socially liberal Rockefeller Republicans were not finding much support from the official Republican Party among extremist conservatives, as far back as the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Moderate Republicans were no longer able to control their traditional place in the GOP so many of them looked to the Democratic Party for their future. The Obama Presidency is this Republican running as a Democrat and winning thing. This may be another reason the GOP is so crazy right now–their opponent is one of their own–except on social issues.
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    S E : Maybe you would be happier in Cuba.
  • Terry Gresham : You are right on this one point S.E.: at the moment there is no Democratic Party, only a Far-right wing of the GOP under the banner of the official Republican Party. And, the Moderate Republicans running as Democrats. Is that what you are saying?
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    SE:  None of what you are saying makes any sense.
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    SE :  By the way, my name is not SE… But I understand that you are being condescending.
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  • Terry Gresham:  There is a constant shift. Dixiecrats left the Democratic Party when Truman was elected. Republicans woed the old Dixiecrats into the Party to get the votes from a larger crop of voters. This led many Moderate Rockefeller Republican to seek election through the Democrat Party.
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  • Terry Gresham : Not condescending, I don’t like to use peoples names much on social media for privacy matters.
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  • Terry Gresham : This is why President Obama is more of an Eisenhower than an FDR. And why he pushes Republican style Heath care reform. It’s simply that he is a Republican.
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    SE:  I guess I missed your history course in pursuit of my degree that I’ve been working on, and almost finished with.
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    LE:  I’m trying to understand what you are saying. Are you saying that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are moderate? Are you saying that every Democrat is actually a Republican. They believe in a government model that is a Republic?
  • Terry Gresham Look up Rockefeller Republican. Then we will talk more.

    Rockefeller Republican (or “liberal Republican”) was a faction of the American RSee More
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    SE:  There is no reason to talk anymore, it’s absolutely futile. Excuse me but, I have to go out and purchase an insurance policy that will be more expensive and provides less coverage.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Don’t like it, blame the Heritage Foundation. It is their baby.…/how-a-conservative-think-tank…/

    Jim Taranto, who writes the Wall Street Journal’s excellent “Best of the Web” coSee More
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    LE:  OK. So according to that history, Obama and his party are opposed to socialism and the redistribution of wealth.
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  • Terry Gresham: Let’s put it this way, Teddy Roosevelt would probably not call Barrack Obama a progressive,
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    LE:  “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”Theodore Roosevelt 1907
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    LE:  Progressive? What would your definition of that be?
  • Terry Gresham:  In bed with Wall Street would not be progressive according to Teddy.…/who-is-a-progressive/

    The essential difference, as old as civilized history, is between the men who, wSee More
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    LE: So progressives are in bed with the job creators? Good for them.
  • Terry Gresham:  I’ll have you know also that multi-lingualism is cool as well. Teddy spoke French, some German, and could read in Italian. And he spoke English as well. In my family one will find folks that speak Spanish, Arabic, and English, but we are no Teddy Roosevelts.
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    LE:  So Wall Street is in favor of progress, change and reform? I am not opposed to those things. I have never voted along party lines. I vote for candidates who hold the same values as I do. Not Republican. Not Democrat. American.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Read Teddy’s speech concerning Taft. He said something like the Republican Party is at a crucial place, either they are to be the party of the People or they are to become the party of wall Street. Today it’s the Dems that are at this crucial point. Back to ACA, this plan delivers many millions of customers to insurance companies. I first heard of the mandate back when Nixon was playing with the idea. Sounds like Wall Street and not socialism.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Right now we have two Political Parties both in the pocket of Wall Street, one moderate Republican and one Far right Republican. Personally, I can not be a conservative. The opposite of conservatism is democracy, and contempt for democracy is a constant thread in the history of conservative argument.
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    LE:  Forcing people or companies to buy “approved” insurance plans, pay penalties if they don’t, subsidize it with taxpayer money…not capitalism, socialism.
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  • Terry Gresham:  But it is the Republican plan. That’s what’s so strange about the whole thing since it was forged in the depths of the Heritage Foundation. Nixoncare then later down the road– Gingrichcare=Romneycare=Obamacare.
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  • Terry Gresham:  It’s more neoliberalism than socialism.
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    LE:  Half truth. The 1993 plan introduced by Senator (R) John Chafee did have an individual mandate, the creation of purchasing pools, standardized benefits, vouchers for the poor to buy insurance, and a ban on denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition. It did not expand Medicaid, included medical malpractice tort reform and required employers to offer medical insurance but did not require that they pay for it. Since it did not lay out provisions for how this would be paid for, it was a symbolic not actual bill. After its introduction, it was never taken up by the Senate. Conservatives never supported it, just like no Republicans voted for Obamacare. Personally, I do not care to be told that I am too stupid to figure out what kind of health care coverage I need, or the latest thing, that I am too stupid to know how too use the internet. I don’t know about you, but I value ALL of my rights as an American and expect our President, Congress and Supreme Court to protect and uphold them, not dilute them under the guise of “we know what is best for you better than you do.”.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Go back further to February 1974, Republican President Richard Nixon proposed today’s Affordable Care Act. Under Nixon’s plan, all but the smallest employers would provide insurance to their workers or pay a penalty, an expanded Medicaid-type program would insure the poor, and subsidies would be provided to low-income individuals and small employers. Like Obama, Nixon was an old school Republican.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Neoliberalism is a better term for the ACA than socialism. The market is forced upon us.
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    LE:  How does neoliberalism, which totally liberates “free” or private enterprise from all government control, cuts public money for education and health care as well as infrastructure, reduces government regulation, turns all state-owned enterprises over to private investors,
    and replaces the concept of “the public good” completely with “individual responsibility” align in any way with what the President and Senate have been doing?
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  • Terry Gresham:  How about a qoute from the man himself, Milton Friedman — “It never occurred to me at the time that I was helping to develop machinery that would make possible a government that I would come to criticize severely as too large, too intrusive, too destructive of freedom. Yet, that is precisely what I was doing. [My wife] Rose has repeatedly chided me over the years about the role that I played in making possible the current overgrown government we both criticize so strongly.”
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  • MW:  But Terry, how can that be? I always thought Nixion was a Republican like Jesus. And now you are trying to suggest that he, perhaps having been influenced by his Quaker upbringing, would want to do something as evil as insure the poor? Stop trying to twist my preconceived notions with your silly book facts sir.
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  • Terry Gresham: M.W. if you love Nixon and Obama so much why don’t you marry them?
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  • MW:  First of all, stop being condensing. Secondly, I support the right of all Americans to marry the president of their choosing.
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  • Terry Gresham: I wish Elisabeth Warren was President. I would marry her.
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  • MW:  She may not be tall enough.
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    LE:  I find it interesting that this “affordable” care act is proudly claimed by the administration as Obamacare until it proves to be an unworkable mess that any sane person predicted from the start, but now it is anyones plan, except his. Nixon, Romney, the Heritage Foundation….why didn’t he give them the credit from the beginning?
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    LE:  From you initial comments, I thought you were Obamacare, Terry?
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    LE:  *for Obamacare
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  • Terry Gresham: Remember that ACA is a Rockefeller style Health insurance reform plan–Nixon and Obama style–yet, the majority of today’s GOP is not Rockefeller–they represent the most extreme elements of the party. The Rockefellers have escaped to the Dems. Today’s GOP does not care much for any of that.
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    LE:  That response did not address either of my questions.
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  • Terry Gresham { Yeah, even though I got away like a bandit on ACA, I’m not a fan of the Nixon mandate or having a librarian market forced on Americans. We pay for it; it is ours already.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Romney ran away from his plan because he thought that would get him elected–catering to the far -right voters. They had to make the thing Obama’s plan and Obama’s plan only.
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  • Terry Gresham:  Me, I do believe health care is a human right, and support single-payer health care, birth to death, free of private corporate interests, and this for all Americans. (Not just for folks in Vermont)
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    LE:  Obama embraced that name in 2012 while he was campaigning and said that the Republicans would quit calling it Obamacare when it was working really well. Flash forward to last week: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)“It’s called the Affordable Care Act. It’s called the Affordable Care Act … ” she told a reporter. “Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable!”
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    LE: Because Medicaid, the VA, and the military health system work so well?
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  • Terry Gresham:  You know the most likely reason I can come up with as to why the GOP have no other alternative to health care reform, only ACA, is that the thing is the Republican plan. And all we essentially have in Washington right now are Republicans. (Even Howard Dean was given the boot after President Obama was elected being no longer needed)
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    LE:  “Private corporate interests” are what fund research. The government would have no incentive to keep anyone with a major medical problem of any kind alive. If the government had been in charge when my husband was born, he would have been taken from his parents and put in an institution to die because that is what the doctors recommended to his mother.
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  • Terry Gresham:  There are no Republican death panels. That I am aware of.
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    LE:  How closely have you been involved with someone with a major medical issue who was on a government plan?
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  • Terry Gresham:  Option, not the Nixon mandate. Under the option you would still have the plan you say will end in 2015. (Even though some of those plan may be scams) You would also have an option to single payer. No Republican mandate. Oh, as for the personal stuff, I do not wish to discuss personal matters on social media, we will have to meet for coffee on these issues. But I’ll say VA. on that.
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  • Terry Gresham:  I think Nixoncare sounds better than Obamacare. ACA takes the Republican mandate, combines it with the Libertarian Free Market, then slaps a goofy Marx mustache on it. Anybody else feel this way?…/03/nixon-proposal.aspx

    One of the most cherished goals of our democracy is to assure every American an equal opportunity to lead a full and productive life.
  • Terry Gresham Same conservative Stuart Butler, Heritage Foundation (who also pals around with our favorite libertarians at the Cato Institute) wrote up the ACA in 1989. Incidentally, it is the same Butler that proposed a Leninist style take over of SS with Peter GeSee More

    Terry Gresham's photo.

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