A Panel Discussion by a Group of Republican Women

A panel discussion by a group of Republican women looking into ways to get more women to embrace the Republican Party concluded that getting more women to marry men would make them better women and better homemakers and as a consequence grow the Republican Party so that it could compete for more women voters. Say what? Yes, you heard right!

But like the guy in the scratchy infomericals likes to say, there’s more. They also concluded that feminism is solely responsible for date rape! OMG! I kid you not I heard it with my own ears. And this is April Fool’s Day so I fact checked this and yes what I heard with my own ears and saw with my own is true!

And on this very day Paul Ryan who I have come to conclude is a functional idiot unveiled his new Ryan Budget which is pretty much a re-hash of past Ryan budgets and it was immediately debunked by not Democrats but Faux News and other right-wing pundits as crazy and not passable.

It includes such tried and true Ryanisms as privatizing Medicare, ending Social Security, repealing Obamacare (this on the day of Obamacare’s greatest success), gutting the SNAP programs and other social safety net programs.

And to top it all off on a day of surprises it was reported by Mother Jones Magazine that Hobby Lobby who has brought suit against Obamacare because of its contraceptive requirements is a heavy investor in companies that manufacture contraceptives for of all people women! What? Yes, they have invested millions in companies that manufacture contraceptives and devices that prevent pregnancies in women and items that relate to causing abortions. Whoa!

So Hobby Lobby is real religious when it comes to not giving their women employees access to contraceptives and they are adamant against abortions but except well if it means they can make money off these things by investing their profits in companies that manufacture items relating to contraceptives and abortions ah that’s a different story altogether.

The word hypocrite comes to my mind. And if it relates to their bottom line well what is wrong with a little hypocracy among rich corporations? After all they are in the business of making money and religious convictions well bending them a little for profit what’s wrong with that?

The world according to republicans is getting stranger and stranger!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “A Panel Discussion by a Group of Republican Women

  1. I wonder if the Supreme Court justices know this. I hope rget can put this in in their arguments. It will shoot their holier than thou, deep religiousity defense. I can’t believe this. * shakes head*

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