Holy Roberts Court, Another Blow to Democracy

Another blow to democracy handed down by the 5 Supremes. Their decision today allows the rich cranky old white guys to donate up to $3.6 million dollars to an individual candidate. Which means people like the Koch brothers can literally own a candidate lock, stock and teardrop.

This means it will be likely that the Koch brothers and Marvin Adelson can actually determine by right of money who the Republican standard bearer will be in 2016 and then they can pour pretty much unlimited money into his campaign (I use his because it will highly unlikely that the Republicans would actually nominate a woman to do a man’s job given their penchant for dissing women).

The Roberts Court will likely go down in history as the court who tipped the scales in favor of a fascist state. This decision flies in the face of our constitutional guarantees of citizens rights. Our founders never intended for the wealthy among us to have more rights than any other citizen or that money should be the deciding factor in elections. And now with this decision money will likely become an even bigger factor in elections from congressional races right up to the white house.

Today the citizens of the United States were the main losers and this decision also points up the importance of who gets to nominate judges for the supreme court. The supreme court looms as the one part of our government that welds the most power over our nation. Their decisions affect every aspect of our lives and yet most people can’t even tell you how many justices their are or how long they can serve or what their names are.

The supreme court has now interjected itself into the politics of our nation in a way that could spell the end of our democratic republic as we know it. When money becomes the sole guiding factor in who is elected to public office then any semblance of democracy will likely be lost. When the Koch brothers have more say in who gets elected to public office than a small group of thoughtful committed citizens simply by the force of their wealth we are now on the very slippery slope of a ride that can only spell bad news for democracy as we know it!

It is a sad day for our nation and its people. And I believe Alito, Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas will rue the day they put their names on this piece of paper. They may well be remembered as the five men who destroyed our democracy and handed it over to the forces of darkness.

Yes I am sad for my country! It is a dark day for me and for all that this nation has stood for over the last 238 years!

Bob Bearden


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