Ultrarich Having the Advantage of Donating Millions of Dollars

Apparently some people see nothing amiss is ultrarich people having the advantage of being able to donate millions of dollars to a candidate . They seem to think that is fair and okay for the super rich to have more rights than ordinary citizens. Make no mistake about it being able to pony up millions of dollars to one candidate is something that I certainly can’t do nor can the vast majority of our citizens. Money talks in elections and if I donate $20 to a candidate of my choice I am thanked. If someone like one of the Koch Brothers donate a million dollars to that same candidate they get a special one on one meeting with that candidate because a million dollars is a lot of money and it buys a lot of influence.

Elections should not hinge upon whether or not one candidate can raise more money than another candidate. Our founders never intended for elections to be about who can raise the most money. They should be about who is the best candidate for the job. Who has the interests of the people in mind and who cares about our nation and our environment, not who can afford to buy a politician or an election. And it doesn’t matter what party or political persuasion a candidate might be of. Every citizen who votes in this nation should have as much right to be heard whether they be rich or poor. Being wealthy should not mean that because of your wealth you should have more say in the running of our country that the poorest citizen who lives. Being wealthy should not mean that because you can donate more money to a candidate or even a political party that you are entitled to more influence that any other citizen.

Our constitution says plainly that every citizen has a right to vote and a right to be heard. Show me in that same said constitution where it states that if you have more money than anyone else you have more rights. The Bill of Rights was enacted into our constitution to protect the right of every citizen not just those who have more money. Show me in the constitution where it states that if you are rich and powerful you have more rights than any other citizen? You can’t because it isn’t in our constitution.

The Five Supreme’s have taken away the right of ordinary citizens to have an equal say in the political process, with their decision they have stated plainly that if you can afford it then you can buy super rights that no one else can have. They have stabbed our constitution and in the process have said that our founders were wrong. They have taken away the right of the people to have an equal say in how our nation is operated. And in doing so they have stated plainly that some people because of their wealth have more rights than others who have no wealth.

Yes I have been accused of being a progressive. I guess I am and I don’t see anything wrong with that, but I am actually more than a progressive I am a liberal and I am a liberal in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. I am not a conservative. It was Franklin Roosevelt who said, “A conservative is a person with two perfectly good legs who has never learned to walk forward.” I have two perfectly good legs and my grandfather Everist and my mother Judge Ruth Gobin taught me how to walk forward on them and to care about people and not to envy those who had more than me but to learn to pity them because their wealth makes them paranoid, greedy and tends to leave them with a fear and mistrust of anything progressive in nature and of liberal ideas like the Constitution of the United States of America and the people who founded our great nation.

I am also a veteran who served my country in time of crisis and like my great-grandfather Everist I hate war but I still love my country. I believe like he did if the politicians and warmongers and arms dealers who start wars had to fight them there would be no wars!

Yes I am a lefty and I am proud of it! I am a liberal because I believe in helping those less fortunate than myself and I believe that every single member of our society deserves to be heard. I see nothing wrong in that belief. I practice everyday the what we say at the end of services at my church every Sunday. Go in peace, pray for peace, wage peace and love one another, every single other. That is not just a belief but a trust!

Bob Bearden


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