William McKinley, Facebook, Wizard of Oz, Butt Implants, and the World

Terry Gresham

Yesterday on Facebook

This is what happens on Facebook when one asks questions about President William McKinley.
William McKinley lived from 1843-1901. What was happening all over the world during his life time? You must tell everything about McKinley and tell me about major world events at the time. Try to do this from memory without web searching.
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  • Jim A The Civil War
    Yesterday at 7:25am · Unlike · 2
  • Andrew K There was a bunch of war and an industrial revolution and stuff.
    Yesterday at 7:26am · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham Yep. Anything else? Doesn’t have to be in the US.
    Yesterday at 7:26am · Like
  • Andrew K Huge war between Japan and Russia.
    Yesterday at 7:27am · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham Yep.
    Yesterday at 7:27am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Russo-Japanese War?
    Yesterday at 7:29am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Wasn’t that where the Russians were going after Manchuria and Korea to set up a port on the Pacific?
    Yesterday at 7:35am · Like
  • Andrew K Sounds right but I don’t know enough about it to discuss the geopolitical impetus for the conflict. I do recall it was pretty big with large loss of life and materiel.
    Yesterday at 7:39am · Like · 1
  • Andrew K Important as an early example of modern mechanized land and sea war as well?
    Yesterday at 7:40am · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham One thing is certain though. the Japanese won. How weird would the Pacific had become in this century had the out come went to the Russians?
  • Andrew K:  Wow, we might not have had Pearl Harbor or war with Japan at all.
    Yesterday at 7:44am · Unlike · 1
  • Andrew K: The Japanese would not have had the asserts in the pacific necessary for their war effort. They flat out wouldn’t have been there. Huge history changer.
    Yesterday at 7:46am · Unlike · 1
  • Madelaine S Ellis island, gilded era, poor working conditions in US. Reconstruction Jim Crow. Atrocities in the Congo.
    Yesterday at 7:49am · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham Very likey, Pearl Harbor, as I recall. was the thing that threw the US into our participation in the NAZI war as well. Could we have put off going to Europe or even not gone at all.
    Yesterday at 7:49am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Yes, Ellis Island, is that the time that the French gave us the Statue.
  • Madelaine S No that was after world war 2 right?
    Yesterday at 7:51am · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham However, I thought it was during McKinley’s lifetime.
    Yesterday at 7:55am · Like
  • Madelaine S Sheridan slaughtered the Indians horses. Calvary doing dirt
    Yesterday at 7:58am · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham Sheridan–“If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell”
    Yesterday at 8:03am · Like · 2
  • Terry Gresham What was the Gilded age?
    Yesterday at 8:20am · Like · 1
  • Terry Gresham What was going on in the Congo?
    Yesterday at 8:21am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Tell us about Reconstruction and Jim Crow.
    Yesterday at 8:22am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Anybody speak Spanish?
    Yesterday at 8:25am · Like
  • Terry Gresham What was China doing back then?
  • Terry Gresham Anybody remember the Franco-Prussian War?
  • Terry Gresham Philippines? Hawaii? Peurto Rico? Cuba?
  • S:  well the banks in the US as well as the US currency were crashing every 20 years, robber barons were consolidating their power and buying up art from all over the world, Britain was colonizing the world, though by the end the rest of the world was starting to get aliitle grumpy about it. Either because they were tired of being colonized or their own colonies weren’t as numerous or productive.
  • WS Also the members of the upper classes in Britain were going bankrupt left and right after industrialization stole away their tenant farmers and the country went from largely rural to urban ( which wouldn’t occur in the US until the 1912-1920’s). This class was rescued/received a large bailout from the US Robber Barons of the gilded age, through marriages between landed but penniless titles and daughters of wealthy Americans.
    Yesterday at 9:05am · Unlike · 2
  • Teri McGrath Hated peas. Rode side-saddle. Had a pet pig named Mikey. Tried to outlaw ham. Was an illegal alien. Thought he was in Canada for much of his presidency. Was assassinated.
    Yesterday at 9:10am · Unlike · 1
  • Terry Gresham Speaking of that British colonization, in China the British, the Japanese, the French, and the Germans were literally carving up China for themselves.
    Yesterday at 9:11am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Robber (Medieval styled 19th Centenary Capitalists) Barons. Weren’t they the heroes of the Gilded age? Doesn’t everybody like heroes?
    Yesterday at 9:18am · Like
  • WS Yes, China was at that time “ruled” nominally at least, by the Dowager Empress who was rumored to have subsisted largely on a diet of cottage cheese.
    Yesterday at 9:21am · Unlike · 1
  • Teri McGrath Could see Russia from his house. Invented tthe boardgame “Sorry”
    Yesterday at 9:24am · Unlike · 3
  • Terry Gresham Hawaii? King Kalākaua was made to sign the Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Making Robber Barons happy but making Pacific counties like Japan and China worried.
    Yesterday at 9:40am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Why hasn’t anybody mentioned the Independence of Cuba? This had ramifications during JFKs administration and Cold War stuff.
    Yesterday at 9:43am · Like · 1
  • WS the world is a big place
    Yesterday at 9:47am · Like · 2
  • Terry Gresham Disney would have us to believe that it’s a “small world after all.”
    Yesterday at 9:49am · Like
  • WS the comanches were suffering a small pox epidemic. my own great grandmother had small pox at this time, the first dead had headstones and were buried near what is now the Ft. Sill airfield. As the deaths continued the dead were buried in trenches stacked like cordwood nearby. When that site was full the army took the bodies in wagonloads and buried them in pits in the Wichita Mountains.
    Yesterday at 9:51am · Unlike · 2
  • WS there were lots of things happening in these years.
    Yesterday at 9:51am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Just wait till we get to Roosevelt. Next Pres. in line.
    Yesterday at 9:51am · Edited · Like · 1
  • Stephen S Teddy bears!
    Yesterday at 9:55am · Like · 2
  • Scott E McKinney was assassinated by a disgruntled potential employee of the spoils system.
    Yesterday at 9:56am · Like · 2
  • Wil R The Spanish-American War of 1898.
    Yesterday at 9:57am · Unlike · 1
  • Terry Gresham Exactly, I was trying to remember the term “spoils system.” That’s where one politician gets his back scratched and then when elected he must scratch the backs of those who but him there. McKinley didn’t scratch and paid for his no scratching antics.
    Yesterday at 9:59am · Like · 2
  • Terry Gresham Teddy Bears–that brings us to the Spanish-American War, does it not?
    Yesterday at 10:00am · Like
  • Stephan S My fridge has a spoils system.
    Yesterday at 10:01am · Unlike · 3
  • Terry Gresham Wasn’t President Garfield scratched out under the same refrigerator system?
    Yesterday at 10:03am · Like
  • Stephen S No, he ate all the lasagna before it had a chance to go bad.
    Yesterday at 10:04am · Unlike · 1
  • WS Let’s see, the department store was developed. The US had an incredibly racist immigration policy with ramifications we still feel today. School teaching changed from a part time job for men to one of the few careers open to women (though still mostly unmarried women).
    Yesterday at 10:05am · Unlike · 1
  • Terry Gresham Immigration, wasn’t that the way the West was won–Railroad labor?
    Yesterday at 10:09am · Like
  • WS during which time it was virtually impossible to bring a Chinese woman into the US.
    Yesterday at 10:11am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Lots of Italian immigrates at this time too. Was that for textile and mining jobs?
    Yesterday at 10:16am · Edited · Like
  • WS no that was largely manufacturing jobs, and many of them died or were maimed for life by machinery, there was no OSHA in those days, or even any basic safety rules, because they was another boat load of immigrants coming in to replace them every hour
    Yesterday at 10:19am · Like
  • WS we haven’t even touched on the changes to art
    Yesterday at 10:19am · Like
  • Terry Gresham The American Party came into a bit of prominence at this time as well on that immigration issue.
    Yesterday at 10:20am · Like
  • WS During WM’s lifetime we had the impressionists, the fauves, the preraphaelites, and before all that the academic painters
    Yesterday at 10:20am · Like
  • WS art nouveau
    Yesterday at 10:21am · Like
  • WS and the arts and crafts movement which was as much social as it was aesthetic
    Yesterday at 10:21am · Like
  • Terry Gresham I once stood about one foot away from a Monet. It was about the closest to nobility that I have ever been. Then I went to OU’s art collection and there was a Yoko Ono piece that blew Monet out of the running.
    Yesterday at 10:25am · Like
  • WS but yoko ono wasn’t alive when McKinley was.
    Yesterday at 10:28am · Like
  • Terry Gresham Oh. But we were talking about Japan earlier so…never mind.
  • Terry Gresham So tel me, what is Jugendstil?
  • Cynthia C i know where mckinley school was
    Yesterday at 10:38am · Unlike · 4
  • Terry Gresham I’m familiar with Impressionist. What is fauves? I suspect that preraphealites were restoring stuff to before when Raphael and Michelangelo mucked everything up?
    4 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Cynthia C they liked to get drunk and paint
    Yesterday at 10:39am · Unlike · 3
  • Terry Gresham Man, that McKinley, he must have thought he saw it all.
    Yesterday at 10:50am · Like · 1
  • Terry Gresham How strange this time must seem to time travelers? This was a time before the Elvis, the Motown, The Beatles, the MTV, the Cher, the Steve Jobs, and the air-conditioner–institutions today we could not live without.
  • Terry Gresham McKinley was the tariff President. Raised ’em to protect and promote US businesses against competition from foreign trade. Protectionism. What happened was costs of imported stuff like tinplates went up dramatically I’m told (I wasn’t there) McKinley’s tariffs were not too popular with consumers, I guess tinplates were a big thing to voters back then. (this was before Tupperware) Republicans lose the House to Dems as a result. William (tariff-man) McKinley. So, Tariff-man is his super-hero name. If anyone disagrees, please, give us your superhero name for McKinley. and explain why.
  • Terry Gresham What about Oklahoma, was still a territory like Hawaii?
    Yesterday at 12:54pm · Edited · Like
  • WS in McKinley’s lifetime Oklahoma was a great many things, closed, open, a territory…heck it almost became a separate state for Natives called Sequoia
    Yesterday at 2:21pm · Unlike · 1
  • Jim A Hawaii is a state
    Yesterday at 2:28pm · Unlike · 1
  • Terry Gresham Let me rephrase that. For a few short years, Oklahoma and Hawaii were territories together–up until 1907.
    Yesterday at 5:48pm · Edited · Like
  • Madelaine S Angel in the house was the ideal woman
    Yesterday at 5:51pm · Like
  • Terry Gresham IV.—VENUS VICTRIX.Fatal in force, yet gentle in will,
    Defeats, from her, are tender pacts,
    For, like the kindly lodestone, still
    She’s drawn herself by what she attracts.
    23 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Madelaine S Victorian era?
    23 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Weyodi S aka the Household Nun
    23 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Madelaine S JFK Garfield McKinley and who else got assassinated. It’s hard to not use the internet
    23 hours ago · Like
  • Madelaine S Omg Lincoln
    23 hours ago · Like
  • Terry Gresham More fun though–without the internet.
    23 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Terry Gresham Taylor and Harding are rumored to have been assassinated. Taylor autopsy showed traces of arsenic. Harding, they say, may have been killed by his wife.
    23 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Terry Gresham End of the Spanish Empire.
    23 hours ago · Like
  • Terry Gresham Was the bustle in style during McKinley’s years? And if so, why are’t ladies still wearing them as we speak?
    22 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Madelaine S They are now called butt implants lol
    22 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Terry Gresham I read once that the Bustle was designed so that European women could look Hottentot.
    22 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Madelaine S Yellow journalism William Randolph Hearst said you send me the pictures I’ll give you the war
    22 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Terry Gresham McKinley, and other Presidents through Grant up to McKinley, was the inspiration for the Wizard of Oz. In the book, the slippers were silver which stood for populist support for dual currency: silver currency as well as gold. The silver advocates in 1896 had called for a 16-to-1-ounce ratio of silver to gold. Silver slippers were worn by the everyday person, Dorthy, who travels down a golden road to meet the wizard and, well, she finds out that she has the power to get things done all right without the Wizards of OUNCE (OZ=the gold standard fellows)
    18 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
  • Madelaine S Paper money economies don’t last long historically
    18 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Darren D It must have been rough before the wizard of Oz, everything was in black and white, no color. If a girl said she was a red head, how would you know? 
    16 hours ago · Unlike · 2
  • Terry Gresham Before L’Oréal, if the girl had 16 silver coins, heck, who cared what color hair she had?
    9 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Madelaine S Didn’t the cowardly lion represent the populist party?
    9 hours ago · Like
  • Terry Gresham I hear he was William Jennings Bryan, I guess that would be the silver standard populist wing of the Dem. The Scarecrow was western farmers, the Tin man was Eastern workers, Munchkins were everyday citizens, the Wicked Witch of the East = Eastern industrialists and bankers.
    9 hours ago · Like
  • Terry Gresham The Yellow Brick Road, of course, is gold which leads to Washington D.C., the Emerald City.
    9 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Terry Gresham The Judy Garland flick does a better job of sticking to the themes in the book than the new Great and Powerful OZ. in my opinion. I don’t remember The Wiz too well. But I don’t think McKinley would have been too mean to the Wicked Witch in real time, since it was her money that made him the Wiz.
    8 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Terry Gresham Water. Why does water kill the Witch?
  • Terry Gresham Why, in the book, does the Witch carry an umbrella and not a broom like in the Garland movie?
  • Terry Gresham Why do the Garland movie makers replace silver slippers with ruby slippers?
  • Teri McGrath And Oz never did give nothing to the tin man that he didn’t already have.
    6 hours ago · Unlike · 2
  • Wil R It was the end of the first gilded age (we are currently seeing the end of the second). Great artists of the time included John Singer Sargent:http://en.wikipedia.org/…/File:Sargent_-_Familie…


    The author died in 1925, so this work is in the public domain in countries and aSee More
  • Terry Gresham Was twerking around in McKinley’s day? Did they do the Mash potato or the Twist?
  • Terry Gresham Okay, that’s enough of the McKinley stuff without the internet. If you want to, you may now post all the McKinley you must from searching’, as you like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3fI0mLz3ks


    very nice soft rock song by band named america!!!
  • Terry Gresham http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grc2rYZOWc8


    The first Leg of the 1976 “Louder Than Concorde(but not quite as pretty)” Tour tSee More
  • Teri McGrath With the thoughts I’d be thinkin’ I could be another Lincoln.
  • Terry Gresham McKinley free for all, starting…now. Anything goes. Google away if you must.
  • Teri McGrath McKinley’s wife’s tiara was featured on the television show pawn stars recently, when it was sold to a Las Vegas Casino for 43000 bucks. The McKinley presidential library is trying to raiser funds to buy it.
    4 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Terry Gresham http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWb6kTC_kLA


    Rick falls for a tiara belonging to former first lady Ida McKinley. Subscribe foSee More
  • Terry Gresham The US had the Silver standard as early as 1785. On March 14, 1900, Congress ratified the Gold Standard Act, which ended the use of silver as a standard of United Stares currency and established gold as the only standard. However, in 1933, the domesticSee More

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