The Yearly Outlay of the Paul Ryan Budget

The yearly outlay of the Paul Ryan budget will be presented on the House floor this week and like the other Ryan budgets of the past it favors the rich and dumps on the poor and middle class. Even his handy-dandy media outlet Faux News has dissed his budget and one pundit allowed it was not passable.

It pays its yearly homage to the Koch brothers and to giant corporations like Wal-Mart and the ultra-rich who we all know are suffering mightily over not being able to find a place to hide their outrageously humongous profits. It seeks to destroy Medicare and end Social Security and cut billions of dollars more from the already depleted SNAP program. It is without question (so say even pundits on the right) a huge job killer that will put many more millions into the pockets of the Koch brothers and their ilk. Why even Sarah Palin has stated that Paul Ryan’s budget proposal met the definition of insanity, “Trying the same thing over again and expecting a different result!” You have to know it is in trouble when even ‘Moose Killin Hockey Mom’ Sarah is dissing it.

Paul even wants to kill the free lunch program for schools because he says he thinks that kids are being traumatized by getting a free lunch! WTF? Really? Feeding children who are often getting one or no meals at home is wrong? It is causing them to have nightmares? Being hungry all the time is a good thing? Letting them go hungry will help them how? What a doofus! Paul Ryan doesn’t have a clue!

Onto this stage comes the minimum wage issue. 73% of the American public is in favor of the need to raise the minimum wage, including 54% of Paul’s own party. It is one of the most popular issues of the day and the GOP has not been able to come up with anything to counter it, except the Paul Ryan budget act 5.

Those on the right holler that the minimum wage will increase prices and kill the job market but that don’t wash with the facts. All the empirical evidence says that raising the minimum wage increased the economy and thereby opened up more job opportunities.

Recently, a reporter looked into what effect raising the wages of Wal-Mart employees would do, since Wal-Mart is the biggest recipient of food stamp money from its customers and given the fact that most of Wal-Mart’s thousands of employees qualify and receive food stamp assistance. What she found was startling. She ran the numbers and found that if Wal-Mart increased their employees wages to the point where they could not qualify for food stamps and passed the increase on to its customers it would only increase a customer’s shopping at Wal-Mart bill by no more than one dollar per visit and since most of Wal-Mart’s employees also shop at the giant big box store it would almost assuredly increase Wal-Mart’s bottom line of more profits!

So why would Walmart or any other giant corporation be against increasing their profits? Can’t see the profit for the greed in their eyes comes to my mind. They are so greedy for profits and so adamant against paying their employees a decent wage that they are willing to forgo an increase in profits to keep their employees beholden and on welfare and then continue to blame the very government they have their hands out reaping the benefits of corporate welfare by giving their employees food stamp assistance and serving customers many of whom are on food stamps.

And they like Hobby Lobby (which actually pays their employees slightly better than Wal-Mart by the way) claim they are Christians. Where is the Christian values in taking the position that they can’t provide their employees with a decent living? That’s not Christian by any stretch of the imagination nor can it be backed up with any teaching of that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth who said, “What you do unto the least of mine, you also do unto me!”

If they are the true followers of Christ that they claim to be then they need to get their act together and follow his example and quit doing unto to least of their employees what Christ’s says they shouldn’t! Christian values? Their Christians values are very skewed and obtuse as far as I can see. They are what my grandfather Everist called ‘Sunshine Christians’. Christians when the sun shines and greedy parasites when it doesn’t!

Bob Bearden


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