Woman in the Work Force

Every woman in the work force should get out and vote. And vote not for some hot button issue that divides, but they should vote their pocket books and in doing so they can change the course of history by electing sane progressive individuals who care about the real issues which are equal pay, poverty and a living wage for all!

You can carp about other issues as being important but unless we stem the rising tide of poverty in this nation all the other issues will fade in importance and become meaningless. When poverty overtakes you it is like Gandhi said, “We are here today in this fine sanctuary to speak of God after a fine breakfast and looking forward an even finer lunch. But how can we speak of God to those who are hungry. To them God can only appear as bread and butter!”

Poverty should trump all and it should be the paramount concern for us all, because in spending more and more time texting endlessly on our smart phones we are being disconnected with the one issue that tops all other issues – poverty and how do we end hunger in the richest nation on earth? And why do we have hunger in the richest nation on earth? As Franklin Roosevelt said, “As a nation we are judged not by how much we add to those who have plenty, but how we treat those among who have little.”

The issues that help address hunger in America are and should be raising the minimum wage and pushing harder for equal pay for women. Women make up almost half of the work force in our nation and yet they receive only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Among single parent households women out number the men and yet many women who are single parents are struggling to raise their families on only 2/3 of what a man receives. That should not be.

We have all those hot button issues that politicians use to ensure that their base gets out and votes to re-elect them to office every two years and those same politicians stand tall and yell the loudest about Christian Values and Family Values and then when elected stand up and vilify women in the workplace and dis as lazy and shiftless those workers who are earning minimum wage or worse. They deride the SNAP Program and vote time after time to cut programs that keep people from going hungry and seniors from living in abject poverty. They are always ready to destroy the social safety net our nation has enacted to protect the least among us. That is a legacy that I would be ashamed to have as my epitaph.

They ever claim to be followers of the Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth and yet they patently ignore his words, “What you do unto the least of mine you also do unto me!” We must as women as seniors and as fellow human beings overcome the issues that divides us and concentrate on the issues that matter. Equal pay for all workers regardless of gender or any other reason. Finding ways to end hunger in America and raise the wages of all workers to a level that they too can have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity.

Those are the moral imperatives of our time!

Bob Bearden


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