Nonsense in the GOP Pushes Out Old Republicans

Wild nonsense in the GOP nudges Moderates out the elephant door. Rockefeller Republicans is a term I’ve heard. Many of them have left the party, as early as the 60’s and 70’s. I have collected a list of recent exiles just in the last 2 years from different States. Pushed out by  too much of that nonsense. If this keeps up, the Democratic Party will be the old Republican Party in our lifetime. If it is not already (for better or worse)

1. See Texas Republican Judge Switches Party, Denouncing GOP as Party of Bigots and Hate-Mongers.

“A Republican Judge from San Antonio, Texas, has announced he is quitting the GOP and will seek re-election as a Democrat, saying that he can no longer be part of political party whose identity is based on hate, bigotry and destroying people’s lives.” – Steven Rosenfeld


2. And NPRs, Moderate Republicans Lost In GOP’s Official Platform,

“Two moderate Republicans — former congressmen Mike Castle of Delaware and Tom Davis of Virginia — wonder whether that wing of their party can survive. In years past the party had a component referred to as “Rockefeller Republicans” — named after former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. The group tended to work well with middle of the road Democrats.” – Robert Siegel

3. Charlie Crist Plots His Comeback As A Democrat,

“The man who once identified himself as a Ronald Reagan Republican is preparing for another gubernatorial bid, this time as a Barack Obama Democrat.” – MICHAEL J. MISHAK

4. Republican Councilmember Peter Koo Switches To Democratic Party

“As a new Democrat, I hope to better use my immigration experience and business acumen to help shape and brighten a brighter future for this great city,” he declared.

5. Jean Schodorf, Outgoing Kansas State Senator, Becomes A Democrat

“It seems that the Democrats are creating jobs and solving the problems of the debt and keeping our nation solvent,” Schodorf said.

4. And Jason Thigpen:

“After raising almost $43,000 as a republican candidate for North Carolina third Congressional District, Jason Thigpen announced on October 31, 2013 that he is switching to the Democratic Party.” – Randa Morris

Getting Extreme

You might want to get out and interview candidates. Then VOTE.


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