Postal Service is not going broke

Despite what you keep hearing from Tea Party types and from some members of Congress the Postal Service is not going broke nor is it an outdated delivery service. It competes very well with all of the other delivery services in the United States and in fact continually delivers its mail and parcels on time much more often than either UPS or FedEx. And it actually partners with both of those delivery services to deliver parcels in areas they cannot or will deliver to.

It is the only constitutionally mandated entity of the Federal Government. Without the onerous pre-funding laid upon it by the outgoing Republican Congress in 2006 it would have made a combined profit over the past 3 years of more than one billion dollars. It delivers to every business and household in the United States and that includes Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and American Samoa! It has received no taxpayer monies since 1981 and in that time there have only been 3 years in which it has not made a profit.

It now delivers parcels on Sunday in several select areas across the nation including the OKC area in an exclusive deal it made with Amazon. It’s profits from its business in the delivery of parcels have increased 57% in the past 4 years. During the past Christmas season it was the only delivery service in America that was given high marks for its on-time deliveries. UPS and FedEx failed miserably during that same time period. The Postal Service handled nearly double all the parcels UPS and FedEx handled during that same time period, delivering more than 75,000 parcels on Christmas Day in order that they arrive at their destination on time for Christmas.

The Postal Service is one of the most efficiently run corporations in the world. Its employees are among the most productive of all employees in the United States. Letter Carriers who deliver the mail for the Postal Service are year after year the most trusted employees of the Federal Government. These are all facts that can easily be verified.

The Postal Service is the only delivery service in the world, as far as I can determine, that delivers six days a week and delivers more mail in one week than most other postal services or delivery services deliver in a year’s time. The Postal Service delivers more than 40 percent of all the world’s mail. It also is the end delivery service for more than 34 percent of all FedEx deliveries and in its ongoing partnership with UPS it is the end delivery service for nearly 30 percent of all UPS deliveries.

To say that the Postal Service is antiquated and outdated is to deny that nearly 80,000,000 million Americans still depend upon the Postal Service for their primary form of communication. Literally hundreds of thousands of small businesses and many large corporations depend upon the Postal Service to keep their businesses competitive.

The Postal Service isn’t going broke. If congress would end the pre-funding tomorrow the Postal Service is on tract to make more than 1 billions dollars in profit this fiscal year. Does that sound like an outmoded outdated antiquated business? No it sounds like a business that is on very sound footing now and for the foreseeable future!

Bob Bearden


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