Nevada Rancher

Over at Faux News they are calling the Nevada Rancher who is defying the government and refusing to pay grazing fees for having grazed his cattle on government land a patriot and a hero. In my mind he is neither. For one thing patriots defend this nation and its citizens not incite armed insurrection against it. And patriots pay their taxes and the debts they owe. This man doesn’t even recognize that there is a federal government. He has grown rich off of using federal lands for free and now that it is time to pay the piper he doesn’t believe there should be a penalty for sucking free at the government teat for over 20 years. There is noting remotely heroic in that!

Fomenting armed insurrection against a government he doesn’t recognize draws very close to treason. He agreed to pay the fees when he started grazing the land. Now he says the land belongs to him and yet he has offered no deed of ownership, but maybe he thinks like a lot of white eyes did in the old days when they took what they wanted from the Native Americans inhabiting they land they coveted. That’s its okay to just grab and not have to pay for it. That it was their right as whites to take what they wanted for free.

Putting this man up as someone who is to be admired is wrong on so many levels. There is nothing admirable about refusing to pay a debt you have incurred just because you don’t want to. And because you don’t want to pay what you owe seizing on the idea that you don’t even recognize that there is a USA certainly calls into question anything remotely patriotic or heroic.

He certainly isn’t espousing Christian principles with his stance. Jesus said render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Making him out to be a hero and a patriot glosses over the fact that he doesn’t even consider himself to be an American in the first place.

Bob Bearden


2 thoughts on “Nevada Rancher

  1. Another thing… It’s only fox that glorifies this rancher. Everybody ‘s aware what he’s doing is dangerous… it’s anarchy, and it’s bad for the country.

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