Oklahoma Marijuana: Legal or Not

I think its a waste of life to have people sitting in jail or otherwise harassed because of prohibition. I think it’s a waste of energy, keeping people from working and voting and raising their families. I think it’s a waste of life to give people dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals or to let them suffer instead of allowing them to have a weed to smoke or swallow. I cant imagine that you mean that people should suffer just because you think weed smokers–like Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and The Beatles– are irritating more than anything else.

It doesn’t matter what people personally think about recreational marijuana use. Certainly not to me. I think that we waste a lot of time and energy in judging and punishing each other for personal choices that don’t affect others.

I don’t think marijuana is the reason the hippies lost. I don’t even really think they lost. Although the fact that millions of people have been imprisoned and utterly disenfranchised for marijuana and other drugs probably hasn’t helped a whole lot.

It’s not a waste of time to work to end prohibition, and I wouldn’t assume that those who work for it are doing it so that they can smoke legal weed and better appreciate video games or Pink Floyd. I bet Constance Johnson has never even got contact high. I personally will definitely smoke and enjoy legal weed, but not as much as I’ll enjoy knowing that children have access to medicine that can help them, cops have fewer reasons to harass and arrest young men and women, and Oklahoma has a new industry that isn’t associated with the war machine creating jobs and tax revenue. I hope people think about more than their personal distaste for marijuana when this issue comes up for a vote because it is about a whole lot more than just getting high, and in fact, in a way, it’s not about getting high at all because people are going to do that whether it’s legal or not.

Teri McGrath


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