Our Nation’s Education System Was Once the Envy of the World

Our nation’s education system was once the envy of the world. Our colleges and universities once rivaled Oxford and Cambridge in England. We once had a political system that was copied around the world. We had statesmen and women who were the envy of nations and peoples everywhere. We did things that made a difference in the world and we cared about people. We made every effort to bring all of our citizens into the political process enacted laws to protect our minorities rights.

Now we have people who want to destroy all of the many gains we made and take us back to the time when all were not believed to be created equal by some. We elect people to office who want to literally destroy our way of life and who call themselves patriots, who believe that rights only belong to people who are white or who are rich. We have citizens who believe that it is their right to own any kind of weapon and it carry around on display whenever and wherever they choose and who believe that because they can do that it makes them safer and it makes our nation safer.

We have many of our citizens who believe that if they have theirs it’s because they worked harder and therefore because they did they deserve what they got and anyone who has less than they are just lazy and shiftless and must fend for themselves in the world because they don’t deserve to receive help, because they just aren’t trying hard enough.

We are the worlds largest exporter of war and weapons of mass destruction to the world and a lot of our citizens don’t see the wrong in that. We have become exactly what Dwight David Eisenhower warned us against in his farewell speech to the nation. We have become what we have always preached against. The purveyors of war. We export more weapons than all of the other nations combined. We sell war and mayhem and no one seems to care that we above all other nations are now the leading proponents of war in the world.

I am a veteran I have served my country in time of crisis and I did so proudly even though at the time I was scared of what might happen to my country and to myself, my family and my friends. I have relatives who served our nation in time of war, even some who died fighting for this country, but I also come from a family who has always hated wars and who have believed despite their service that we should not promulgate war.

My great-grandfather Andrew Everist who served under U.S. Grant and William Sherman during the Civil War said it better than I ever could when he said, “There is no reason ever for war. If every politician who advocates war had to fight that war, there would be no war, because if they knew that they would have to be the ones who had to go and fight they would quickly find a way to avoid any hostile action!” We have too many politicians who are always ready to send our youth off to be killed but who are never ready to serve themselves.

Someone once said, “There is glory in war!” Whoever said that probably never held a lethal weapon in their hand or like my Uncle Lonnie who parachuted into Normandy at 0100 on D-Day and fought across France during WWII once said, “They never looked into the eyes of another man and then pulled the trigger that killed him. If they had they would know there is no glory in killing another human being!”

We need to look at what we are doing to ourselves and our citizens. When we elect politicians who want to cut social programs and destroy the safety net we have created for our seniors and our children. When we believe that children who are poor should have to work before they are allowed to eat, then we should be asking ourselves what kind of person are we electing to lead us and our nation. How is it okay for us to elect to public office someone who has no compassion for the least among us. How can that person make us a better nation?

As FDR said, “”The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little!” We have a lot of politicians who say we are a Christian nation and yet who do not seem to understand what being a Christian is all about. Jesus was about caring for the least among us and he said, “What you do unto the least of mine you also do unto me!” Maybe we need to hold politicians accountable in what they are doing to provide enough for those who have little and call them out on their oft professed Christian Values and remind them of Christ’s words!

Bob Bearden


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