downloadI’m deeply concerned about what might happen to deforestation and desertification if hemp is legalized everywhere. The short growing season and the huge biomass generated gives hemp, in one short harvest, the potential to supply way too much competition to the paper, building, and textile industries. For this reason alone we should think twice before legalization, especially if one owns stock in one of the legal crop companies.

Needless to say, opening up the a new cash crop might give farmers a much needed cash base and we wouldn’t want that. That might mean a more powerful farming political lobby–not good if you deal in foreclosures. Can of worms is what that is.

What would happen to our investments in fossil fuel if some fool were to start running cars or heating our homes on the darn oil from this weed. No sir, it might put the death nail into the heart of our beloved industrial revolution ending our pet addiction to fossil fuel, thus ending our love affair with foreign oil cartels. It might even reduce our need for fracking and off-shore drilling.  And I hate to even mention the unthinkable, it may ruin our plans for more oil pipelines while starting a bio phototroph revolution instead. It’s possible scary.

If competition were to be allowed, this hemp thing may put an end to global warming as well due to reduced use of timber and refining of crude. You wouldn’t want that now would ya?

Those pushing for the end of prohibition must not be thinking of our private prisons either. How do you propose we keep those full?

Yeah, you folks must want so badly to not hang on to the energy paradigm that has so devastated the planet.  Go for it but shame on you for trying to mess with what we have now. It’s like you– legalizers–don’t want to be a bunch of conservatives seeking only to line the pockets of the Koch brothers–building and paper industries. Think about it–a living plant with all the potential that hemp has–fully renewable with a direct link to the Sun.  Duh, Earth to anti-prohibitionists, hello, that would cut out today’s Robber Barons. Shame on you.


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