Oklahoma Execution Gone Horribly Wrong

Another black eye for Oklahoma. Execution gone horribly wrong. However you feel about the death penalty and I’ll say up front I’m against it because there is no empirical evidence to prove that it deters crime in any way, but whether or not you support it you have to wonder at why Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin decided to defy the stay of execution order by the state supreme court and proceed with the executions of two death row inmates without determining whether or not the new drugs they were using were okay.

I guess it is that Mat*re** Mary who is a proud law and order gal just didn’t care. And there are those who would say what difference does it make if those who are on death row die horribly or not since the crimes they committed are usually heinous enough for them not necessarily to deserve humane treatment. But in my way of thinking we can’t as a society become like they are or were. If we go down to their level then were aren’t much better than they are. Killing someone for crimes committed has always been suspect as a way of justice. As my mother who was a judge once said, “The death penalty isn’t about justice it’s about revenge.”

Justice in her mind was making them pay for their crime by languishing in prison for life. For my mother and for me seeking justice is the best way. When we kill someone for whatever crime they have committed it isn’t justice served it’s revenge gotten. And most people who were the loved ones of those upon who the crime was committed always say that putting the person to death for their crime didn’t bring them closure.

I know it has to be difficult to forgive someone for taking away a loved one by the act of murder, but you really can’t find closure or peace until and unless you can learn to forgive. Murdering someone is a most heinous crime for whatever the reason but it has always been my belief that putting that person to death doesn’t solve anything and it just tells the world that as a society we can’t forgive or forget and it isn’t justice served it’s revenge gotten.

And the state of Oklahoma and our erstwhile governor are and should be accountable for the execution of this man because they were out for grandstanding and politics and not for serving justice. There would have been nothing wrong with making sure that the new drugs they were using would do what they wanted it and in as humane way as possible. But they like a lot of people these days have forsaken humanity for revenge and hatred.

Hating someone for what they have done is the easy way out, forgiving them for their evil deeds is definitely difficult but the state shouldn’t be in the business of hate or revenge. I think there is a passage in the that oft quoted bible that a lot of people like to hold up and tell us we need to read it and abide by it that says, “Revenge is mine saith the Lord!” Ah but I guess that doesn’t apply to acts of executions! An execution isn’t an option of the Lord it’s an option of the state and therein lies the problem. A lot of people tend to follow the bible only when it suits their purpose.

Bob Bearden

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