Oklahoma “Personal Liberty” Candidates

There are a couple Independents running for office in this state who are emphasizing “personal liberty” by focusing on gun rights and probably marijuana. These people are useless. The minute I see them holding up a gun in their idiotic campaign pictures I know that they are useless, probably stupid and annoying as hell. If you think gun rights is an issue at all in this state then your head is up your ass. If you think guns are the biggest concern in state that just tortured a man to death, passed personhood legislation, banned increases in minimum wage, and failed to pass even the smallest amount of prison reform, the you are a fucking moron, and I hate you almost as much as I hate our governor, the state Republican party, and the disgusting cowardly asshole Democrats who vote against human rights either out of sheer stupidity or political expediency. This state is fucked unless people start getting to work to get this slime out of office and out of our political process.

We need to make it easy for people who don’t have the luxury of time to be aware of what is happening and take action. If we don’t, then we are lazy cowards. Lazy privileged cowards, just as bad as the evil assholes who pass oppressive laws.

Getting involved with the Democrats might be one way to go, but the party is too fucked up to produce candidates who will be effective in bringing about any kind of positive change. Every candidate who took the stage during the last forum, with the exception of Toni Hasenbeck, began by telling us how much they loves the Republican platform, especially the bit that tortures and oppresses women. Quit fucking bitching about apathy and crooked politics and then putting these useless dirtbags in front of us as alternatives. Nothing is going to change as long as we are looking for leadership from institutions that are nothing more than money-making schemes for stupid and unscrupulous consultants, lobbyists, and politicians who are nothing more than mascots for the corporations they serve.

Stop putting up with this bullshit.


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